Friday, July 10, 2009

Full moon wo sagashite

A month ago my good friend Chipmunk introduced to me full moon wo sagashite. At first i ignored the fact it did not appeal to me at all. Besides the slightly poorer rendition of anime graphics during that time which is 7 years back to be exact, the op really sucks in my opinion, no offence to all-time fans. Nevertheless i took my time to watch all 52 eps of it. Overall, i'm surprised to say that it really is a touching and nice anime to watch, especially for those who want to kill time and those seeking to rekindle their inspiration they lost long ago.

Interesting facts ~ In my opinion
Both OP for the whole series really suck. All 4 ED from the series are really good with solid lyrics that brought out the main character's purest emotion and thoughts. The first series with all Ed songs that i really find appealling.

Myco who voices the main character Mitsuki can really voice switch in an instant from a 12 year old to someone of a very mature voice of around 30 singing all the songs under Full Moon. I wouldn't have thought they were the same seiyuu untill i saw the credits for the ED

The ending is one of the best i have seen for a very long time and i don feel like its a cliche' at all.

Here are all the 4 ED from the series starting from New Future, Myself, Eternal Snow and Love Chronicle

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