Tuesday, July 14, 2009

top 3 anime i think should turn real live action/ movie adaptation

No.3 ~ Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (半分の月がのぼる空, The Sky in Which a Half-Moon Rises)

Based on a light novel by Tsumugu Hashimoto, a romance love story that revolves around two seventeen year olds, one being terminally ill and the other admitted with hepatitis A. The anime adaptation is a nice touch in a sense that it brings out the main characters innocence and how he matures in time, including funny moments and comedical acts that doesn't even make sense in some parts throughout the whole series. Unfortunately, the anime adaptation is short and only 6 episodes which could have been much better if it was longer with more character developements as well as decisions made with consequences better or worse. The characters drawn look very normal and very much like secondary characters in my pov, except for Rika since she looks like Shana. A real live adaptation should be made since the characters from the drama adaptation doesn't appeal to me at all. The should call in the heavy hitters like the ever popular Yui Aragaki for example for the cast of Rika or maybe Takayuki Yamada for the cast of Yuichi. The real live action if there were to be one would most probably have mix reviews similar to movies such as 1 litre of tears or Taiyou no uta depending on the script and how the director executes the project.

No.2 ~ Kyou Kara Maou! (今日から㋮王!, literally 'Starting Today I'm the Demon King!'?)

God Save Our King, does it ring a bell? A normal high school kid, flushed down the toilet into a world of magic where the long feud war between humans and demons collide only to be crowned the next demon king. A nice anime with an easy going, peacekeeping demon king guided by his 3 subordinates who are brothers that don't look alike. The only thing i dislike about this anime is there are no romance progression at all, wolfram is so gay, Conrart / Conrad is too perfect except for his really poor jokes and Gwendal always conceals his emotions. After watching all 3 seasons, I felt that this series should at least have a movie adaptation, especially the story revolving the dramatic and epic battle between the demon tribe and the humans before the series started. The formation of the Luttenburg / Ruttenburg division, how they were mistreated and discriminated based upon their mixed lineage of human and demon bloodlines, being forced to the front lines for the sake of redeeming their loyalty to the nation. Should there be one, I would love to see how Conrad who was once as cold as ice in action during the Last stand of the Luttenburg division as well as his forbidden feelings for Suzanna Julia Von Wincott eventhough clearly unstated, with more character developements in the movie. The production company would of course be Madhouse Studios since they always produce such excellent anime graphic qualities that would leave some in awe. There should be a detailed battle sequence of how The Luttenburg division fought with gore effects and how only two person, one being Conrad and the other Yozak managed to survive till the end while the rest all perished in battle. How Lady Suzanna actually pushed herself to the limit, her emotions and last wishes before she passes on and why she chose Adalbert Von Grantz instead of Conrad.

No.1 ~ Full Moon wo Sagashite (満月をさがして, Furu Mūn o Sagashite?, lit. "Searching for the Full Moon")

Yes this is it. The number one selection for me. A very touching anime about how a 12 year old girl who has only 1 year to live due to Sarcoma became a pop idol sensation with the help of two kind-hearted shinigami duo with a ridiculous stage name and forms. This anime clearly shows a persons sense of perserverance, integrity and how she copes with all her work while overcoming all obstacles and staying clear to her true objectives. Her love for singing by putting all her emotions and thoughts into the lyrics in order to reach the person she loves really made this anime memorable in many ways. This anime should seriously get a movie adaptation with all the songs from the original series brought back since the lyrics truly represents her emotions and suits the atmosphere real fine. If there were really an adaptation, Comix Wave Studios should be the company doing this due to thier recent work 5 Centimeters Per Second as being one of the most beautifully animated works on-screen. With a nice to watch anime feel, plus solid songs and unforgettable lyrics, I can say Full Moon wo Sagashite's movie adaptation will be a smash hit in the cinemas with more dramatic scenes and expressions untold if they were to be one.

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