Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Camilla Belle Routh

Camilla Belle is currently my fav female actress. Why, simply because she looks like Rinoa Heartily (my fav Final Fantasy Female Character of all time). This American Girl better known for her part as Evolet in 10,000B.C. and Kira Hollis in Push is of Brazilian Heritage which she is quite proud of. She considers Brazil as her favorite place in the world, is an aspiring Classical Pianist and Thank God she broken up with Joe Jonas haha. (But I have to admit they both look great together)

Similarities in this angle

OMG Real live Rinoa as depicted by Lady Juliana

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kurara Chibana

While google-ing across the web for most beautiful asians, I recently saw one name that I haven't seen for a very long time and it really does ring a bell ~ Kurara Chibana. All I can say is OMG, she's so hot. Maybe that's why I was so into japanese after watching her on TV LoL. Anyway she's one of the most magnificent Japanese models in my opinion. She speaks four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Japanese, is an avid sportswoman who loves tennis and swimming and a certified kickboxing instructor.
She won best National Costume award for her samurai outfit, oh man oh man once u see this, it's just mind-blowing. I would love to get slice up by her Katana HaHa. It's raelly a pity she got 1st runner-up in Miss Universe 2006, I mean come on, isn't it obvious that she should be crowned Miss Universe 2006 instead of Miss Puerto Rico? Or am I just wrong. I think that the judges are just to darn bias about it. Oh yeah I do feel that she's prettier than Riyo Mori who won Miss Universe 2007.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Funky Monkey Babys ~ Sakura

Recently got addicted back to Funky Monkey Babys Sakura, kinda feels like you're back in high school and having a slice of life feeling to it.

Kanji Sakura

※ありがとうの涙が今 この胸にあふれてるよ
ずっとずっと 君を守りたい
桜が降る 桜が降る あたらしい僕らの上に
ずっとずっと 手をつないで歩いて行こう

今 初めて 打ち明けるよ 僕の本当の気持ちを
大好きな君にだけ 偽りの無いこの気持ちを
ずっと苦しかった 誰にも見せなかった
胸の奥の方にたまった涙 君となら流せる気がした
これから先 僕と君が 歩いていくこの道には
嬉しい事 悲しい事 いろいろあると思う
だけどもう一人じゃない 僕がずっと守るから
そんな強さをくれたのは 全部君なんだ


二人で見る何回目の桜だろう? また来年再来年も見たいよ
今までこれからも明日からも 共に築きあげていく未来を
柔らかく吹いた春の風が そっと君の髪をなびかせた
その笑顔が愛おしい ずっと僕のそばにいてほしい
もともと一人だけの夢だったはずが 君の夢も重なって
それを叶えるために君を守りぬく事が 今の夢になって
たまにはケンカをすることもあるだろう でも一つ一つ乗り越えて
ただ君を幸せにする事が 今の僕も全て


流される日々の中 見失いそうだけど
ふと君を見たら 何気ない笑顔で
そんな小さな幸せ ずっと忘れないから

君と出会い 君と笑い つないだ手のひらの中で
冬を越えて歩き出した 僕らのこの道の上に
ずっとずっと 桜が降る

ありがとうの涙が今 この胸にあふれてるよ
ずっとずっと 君を守りたい
桜が降る 桜が降る あたらしい僕らの上
ずっとずっとずっと 手をつないで歩いて行こう

Translation Sakura

*Tears of gratitude are overflowing in my heart now
I want to protect you forever, forever
Cherry blossoms fall, they fall on us as we feel brand new
Let’s walk hand in hand forever, forever
Until the end of time…

I’ll speak from my heart now and tell you how I truly feel for the first time
I have these emotions, without any lies, only for you
It was so hard for me but I never showed it to anyone else
With you, I felt like I could shed all the tears I kept deep in my heart
From here on out, this path we’re walking on together
Will be full of happiness, sadness and many other things
But you’re not alone anymore because I’ll protect you forever
You gave me all this strength that I have now


How many times have we watched these cherry blossoms?
I want to see them again next year and the year after that
I want to see the future we’ve been building up together all this time
The spring wind blew gently and softly caressed your hair
Your smile is precious to me, I want you by my side forever
At first I only had my own dreams, but now I share yours
So my dream now is to protect you until yours come true
I’m sure we’ll fight sometimes, but we’ll make it through each one
Just making you happy is everything to me


As the days roll by me it feels like I’ll lose sight of them
But when I look at you a smile suddenly appears on my face
I’ll never forget that small joy

We met, we laughed, and inside our clasped hands
We softly, softly warmed our love
After winter, we started walking together on this path
Where the cherry blossoms fall forever, forever

Tears of gratitude are overflowing in my heart now
I want to protect you forever, forever
Cherry blossoms fall, they fall as we feel brand new
Let’s walk hand in hand forever, forever
Until the end of time…

Wat Jai

These are the two editions of Wat Jai, the first vid is the actual and original vesion while the second vid is the reuse version.

Wat Jai by the Silly Fools

Wat Jai featured in Seasons Change