Saturday, September 12, 2009

Requiem & Reminiscence II Part 2

Part 2 of Requiem and Reminiscence. If you don't understand Japanese and don't like Gackt + all the people in the stadium screaming, then you can just skip about 40 minutes of it. The rest of the songs are kinda in a hipity hopity happy emo songs. I especially like the mascots since they are so adorable. Koakuma Heaven is simply just amazing, Gackt with beauties lol, as if he can't get enough. There's also silly and funny playing of something like 02jam. The rest of the songs are ok only, Kimino Tameni Dekiru Koto is quite good but an older piece. The last song performed, Lost Angels is my fav from part 2. Truly one of the greater piece, some say it rivals Todokanai. The SS Nazi Uniform, soldiers and snow really makes an impact in the end.
Koakuma Heaven
Lost Angels

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