Sunday, October 25, 2009

Top 5 Tokio Hotel Songs that I like (English Versions)

5) 1000 Oceans ~ The BG scenery is nice, love the vid but I still prefer the German version better.

4) By Your Side ~ The German version is so much nicer compared to this. Reason, I think the chorus in English just doesn't click me.

3) Automatic ~All I can say is that the German version for this song is much better than this. Still it’s pretty good in English.

2) Ready Set Go ~ This is one of those songs that sound better in English than their Original German Versions.

1) Through the monsoon ~ Definitely my favorite version out of all the English versions by Tokio Hotel. There’s just something about this vid that I can’t put words into. Gotta admit that Bill’s voice is much nicer when he matures. LoL

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