Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lord of Vermilion

In ancient times, before the creation of the worlds lived God. He opened his heart and brought forth a vermillion stone in order to create seven different worlds. Whomsoever held the vermillion stone held the power to create worlds, and would reign over the seven worlds as a god, the "Lord of Vermilion". The seven worlds existed side by side in harmony for millennia, their inhabitants separated by boundaries and unable to interfere with one another... until the "Great Collapse".

The lord of the human world, consumed by ambition, sought to use the forbidden magic of the vermillion stone, called the "Arcana", in order to become a god. However, he was unable to wield the power and the Arcana was shattered into seven pieces and scattered amongst the seven worlds, destroying their boundaries. The six worlds were drawn into the human world and they merged together. With the six races of the six worlds thrust into the human world, chaos and war broke out.

Ages later, the world, called the "Land of Acheron", is still in turmoil. The six "Lords" of the six races sow strife across the land, warring for each other's Arcana. The player takes the role of a legendary warrior who holds the seventh Arcana and seeks to obtain the Arcana and upset the balance of the world, gathering an army of "Familiars" who hold faith in the legend of the "Lord of the Vermilion".

Lord of Vermilion features some of the most unique style of arcade game play. Seriously, this game can be very addictive. At 500 yen per game, some considered this to be cheap and would spend like the whole day playing this lol. Anyway it's around 5++ bucks in US which they say is cheap but it's freakin Rm 20 here, so it's damn expensive. Here's a little of what to expect from the game.

Oh yeah, Battle Maiden Valkyrie Lenneth ~ Nibelung Valesti = K.O

The good thing about this game is the wonderful and stylish presentation which gives us people a whole new experience in arcade gaming. Yu-Gi-Oh minus turn-based + RTS element plus various crossover characters from Square Enix and presto Lord of Vermilion. The bad thing is some cards are rare and I mean super rare until you need to dry-up your wallet just to get the card you desired most. Surprisingly As of November 7 2008, Lord of Vermilion has contributed over 4 billion ¥ in earnings for Square Enix. Card Characters available include Superbeast, Subhumans, God Tribe, Demon Type, Sea Type, Machine Armor and Undead. The appearance and illustration are done by famous artist, most notable are Yoshitaka Amano and Shiro Amano (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Series).

Here are some of the more prominent cards featured.

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  1. The first translation of Lord of Vermilion I ever saw... Why I heard Aimo, from Macross Frontier somewhere in here?...