Monday, November 30, 2009

Swear and My life

Well I just had to say one thing, Alan Dawa Dolma is the only chinese girl that I like in the Jpop music Industry. Technically she's one of a kind. I seriously have bad impression on female Chinese singers for some reason, except for Faye Wong since she sings Eyes on me. First of all, Alan is Chinese but sings well in Japanese, that's already thumbs up a good thing for me. Second of all, she has that remarkable Tibetan Wail that rivals a lot of singers which is already a comparative advantage in my opinion, I guess all Tibetan's have a bigger lung capacity than us to be able to produce that.

Swear ~ This is one of the most unique PV presentation that I have watched in a very long time. Instead of one, you get 3 Alan's. Make's you wanna watch the PV over and over again and focus on different Alan's each time. The director definitely did a very good job with this.

Music Fighter

My Life ~ She has nice pipes ~

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