Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Castlevania Judgment + OST

I would have reviewed this few months ago but I just can't find the right words to describe this. Ok, it's Castlevania so it definitely has something to brag about right, I mean one of the coolest platform games between mid 80's to 90's then turn the age where they make this types into third person with 360 degree surroundings. I mean I don't have anything against this genres since there are few Action RPG games that shine out from all the rest, for example God of War and Devil may Cry. Well for me it's a decent game, actually I wanna say it sucks big time.

1) Oh man come on Simon Belmont looks like Light Yagami

2) Death's whole body structure is so similar to Shinigami Ryuk's

3) Alucard seems suckish now, they should have retained his SOTN design.

4) How come Alucard's finisher is not the usual 'Dude you can't see me' Blink to your back and gives you the fatal two hit slash with awesome Blue flame like a bunsen burner engulfing it.

5) Maria's a kid who want's boobies

6) I don't like Shanoa with shorter hair

7) Richter Belmont should have been included

8) Julius Belmont should have been included

9) Aeon says a different phrase for each character when using his Hyper attacks and the rest non?

10) Albus should have been included

1) Darkness Of Fear
2) Title Screen
3) Character Select
4) Vampire Killer
5) Bloody Tears
6) Beginning
7) Mad Forest
8) Clock Work
9) The Tower Of Dolls
10) The Wolf Revealed
11) Dracula's Castle
12) Slash
13) Iron Blue Intention
14) Evil's Symphonic Poem (Death's Theme)
15) Dance Of Illusions
16) An Empty Tome
17) Darkness Of Fear(Arr.)
18) Castle
19) Gallery
20) Accessories
21) Elemental Tactician
22) Win
23) Lose
24) Game Over
25) Crucial Moment
26) Credits

Part 1
Part 2

The ost is really nice in a way that it still retains the classic feel of the music plus more rock compilations included. Vampire killer, beginning, slash, evil's symphonic poem, an empty tome and dracula's castle are a few that you would have immediately noticed from previous works. Bloody Tears and Iron blue Intention are still my favourite due to classic reasons. Both are best when played with the grand piano, how come there's no Castlevania Piano Collections? I wonder.

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