Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gackt ~ Reborn

Wow  the Requiem for Reminiscence II album is finally out. Words to describe this, Damn it!! how come this album seems so half assed or suckish in any means possible.

Well the first reason should be Jesus. Just listen to the Singles Version, PV and compare it to this one and you will understand what I mean. This should have been reverted to LIVE, it would definitely sound much better. Suddenly on the other hand sounds very normal. No Reason caught my attention since they added extra voice intro prior to the beginning which i think is quite cool.

Just can't believe they left out Out of Control, sure the song is okay in a sense, a hit back in the days but the chorus is just amazing and I like the way Gackt dance to the beat in RRII. The one in RR1 has less movement due to his high heels.

The only songs I think deserve more credit are ~ GHOST for techno rockish field, Oblivious for nice sentimental rock style, FLOWER for Rock, nice intro and finally there's LOST ANGEL which is  the most epic piece of all.

Truly disappointed by this album, There are many reasons to this. In fact there are all the same piece you can get from his 10 year Anniversary Compilation Singles released week after week. Furthermore, they did not even take the liberty to add on the additional songs featured in Disc 2 of RRII LIVE TOUR DVD. and just featured some drama CD which I don't understand a damn thing about it and it's like 40 minutes.

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