Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hellsing OVA VII

Wow, OVA VII was damn good. One of the best battles and delightfully satisfying to watch. Warning ~ only for those who do not mind gore and blood to it's extent, also contents few seconds of boobies and unwanted scenes. Viewer Discretion advised. Love the part where one of the soldiers from the Veteran Waffen SS bit the face off some mercenary dude. Bloodiest and Goriest episode amongst the 7. It was really amazing, wouldn't wanna spoil it. Just watch it and you'll get what I mean.

1) Seras Victoria full throttle
2) Captain Pip Bernadotte's one tough guy to go down
3) More guns and blood

1) No Alucard ( No choice since the plot was based off the original manga.)
2) No Alexander Anderson ( Don't really like him but heck, he can sure fight.)
3) No Walter, Integra ( Same reason as no 1)

The theme song haha.

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