Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Len Khong Soong

One of the Thai songs that I like. The one by Seasons Change's group Assholy aka Pom, Chat and Chad's version is my favourite haha.

The Original one by Big Ass

The Female voice Version

My Favourite Version from Seasons Change Thai Movie

Lyrics (My version, took me 3 days to re-sub the whole movie from Chruchyroll. LoL)~ Not 100% accurate.

Oh, this is the first and last Gig of our band, AssHoly.
For our death-defying drummmer.
Because he wants to play classical music.
Ya, Classical.
And reach the skies far reaches to heaven.

I know it's just too risky, but I'll have to try.
I know it's hard for me to reach the impossible height.
But I still wanna risk it all and try it out.

I know we are all different in many ways.
I know how far you need in order to reach.
Even though it seems so impossible.

Pre Chorus
But I was consecrated by LOVE to climb the impossible.

And as I recalled the first time I met you.
No matter what it takes, I'll risk it all.
I want to LOVE you and risk everything.

I don't want you to be only in my dreams.
No matter how tough the road is ahead.
Or how much I need to sacrifice.
I will never ever let you go.
I have fallen in love...
The first time my eyes met yours.

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