Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lord of Vermilion OST

This OST is not bad since it was by Nobuo Uematsu, so you will expect something out of it. Something of a little more similar to the black mages genre of music.

1. DAWN of VERMILION -Opening Theme-
2. Name Entry
3. Combat Preparation
4. Elm, Capital of Eternal Night (recommended)
5. Renaaru Forest
6. Pajya Maze
7. Wiara Volcano
8. Meranji Sand Dune
9. Spiege Snow Plains
10. Evil Spirits of the Bairu Mountains (recommended)
11. City Church Arbiter
12. Ruined Kingdom Guura
13. Abandoned Castle Rukusaria
14. Tyrant's Palace
15. Black Dragon's Temple
16. The Final Enemy (recommended)
17. LORD of VERMILION (recommended)
18. Win
19. Lose
20. Game Over
21. Continue
22. LORD of VERMILION (Instrumental)


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