Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sculpture Arts Lenneth Valkyrie (PVC Figure)

Manufacturer : SQUARE ENIX
Scale : 1/8
Material : Polystone
Original : Valkyrie Profile
Regular Price : 54,000 yen about 592.24 USD
Sales Price : 51,300 yen about 562.62 USD
Points Acquired : 2565 points
Item code : SQ52
Store code : 10061354

The silver haired war goddess Lenneth is in full regalia in this scene where the King of the Norse gods Odin bequethed the valkyrie her armor.

Lenneth is lifted to the air by both her wings and the shafts of light that embodies the grace of Odin, the golden aurora forms a shining contrast with the darkness of the structure and the paleness of the valkyrie sets off the whole scene with an ethereal glow.

A very costly piece, I wouldn't mind buying though. The question is are you willing to jack in $563 just for that? (That's RM 1926.59 buddy) A splendidly beautiful made piece that would reduce some to tears just by admiring the purity and innocence of the Valkyrie Lenneth.

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