Monday, December 28, 2009

TO Elliptical Orbit & Symbiotic Planet (Daen Kido & Kyosei Wakusei)

Finished watching TO DVD1 and I have no idea what this story is about. The plot kinda starts off from halfway since it's based upon a manga entitled 2001 Nights (2001夜物語 2001 Ya Monotogari). Here's the only info I could find lol.

Blu-ray set release from director's cut version of 3DCG anime film "To" directed by Fumihiko Sori renowned for prominent works includinng "Apple Seed" and "Vexille." Based on hit manga "2001 Nights (2001 Ya Monogatari)" written by Yukinobu Hoshino. Includes two stories "To Elliptical Orbit (Daen Kido)" and "To Symbiotic Planet (Kyosei Wakusei)" on two discs. Also includes booklet (subject to change).

ANN has posted first details on the new project from Fumihiko Sori, director of Ping Pong, Vexille and Ichi, and director of Appleseed. According to the news, Sori will direct To, an adaptation of the sci-fi manga 2001 Nights (2001 Ya Monotogari) from Yukinobu Hoshino. The manga was published between 1984 to 1986 and tells several short stories about mankind’s adventures in space. It was already adapted in 1987 as the 60-minutes OVA Space Fantasia 2001 Nights.
It’s yet unknown if Sori will use traditional animation or rather power-up the rendering super machines like he did for Vexille and Appleseed. Avex has opened the official website for the To project yesterday but until now it only shows the teaser artwork below.

This movie is kinda O.K. for me. The first one Elliptical Orbit is an okay piece, not recommended for people who just wanna see Cloud Strife pawn Sephiroth or Deunan and Briareos in combat action and Leon S. Kennedy one on one with Curtis Lol. This is one of those normal stories that you'll just forget about it in the end but one thing you'll remember for sure ~ the beautiful Asteroid orbits the solar system, tracing a wide Ellipse. Orbital period of 28 years. You will be shock at the end since I was like WTF!! in my mind. The ending theme really caught my attention and it's really a nice song. Enjoy.

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