Sunday, January 24, 2010

00 Raiser (PG)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Scale : 1/60
Series : Gundam00 (PG)
Original : Gundam00
Release Date : Late Nov., 2009
Regular Price : 25,000 yen about 278.37 USD
Sales Price : 23,750 yen about 264.45 USD
Points Acquired : 1187 points
Jan code : 4543112610164
Item code : 2088233
Store code : 10097646

For some reason 00 just doesn't have that feel for me in a Gundam series. Heck I don't even like Setsuna F. Seiei, I rather Lockon Stratos be the main character. But the mech represents 3/4 of a Gundam series anyway and thus 00 Raiser PG from last year is a nice additional touch for your collection. XXXG-00W0 W-Gundam Zero Custom Special Ver.(PG) is still hands down my favourite PG model till date, but gonna save that for later. The models for Setsuna and Saji look darn mediocre, but that's what to expect. All focus goes to Gundam lol.

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