Monday, January 4, 2010

Belldandy (Completed) Resin Kit

Manufacturer : Kaiyodo
Scale : 1/8
Material : Cold Cast
Producer : Masahiko Kagawa
Original : Ah! My Goddess
Release Date : Mid Jan., 2001
Regular Price : 32,800 yen about 359.73 USD
Sales Price : 31,160 yen about 341.74 USD
Points Acquired : 1558 points
Store code : 10013753

One of the most promising figures to buy off The Goddess Series. It has that Ah! my Goddess feel yet retains the Oh! My Goddess rendition as well, making this resin kit a one of a kind type and a must buy for true fans. Since this is from 2001, don't expect any stereotype similarities from the TV series. This is more to the OVA and movie version of her. Don't let the year fool you. For something that dates back almost a decade ago, this is one really well-made piece. Quite expensive but worth the money. Support Belldandy all the way haha.

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