Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MTV Unplugged ayaka

MTV Unplugged ayaka is the second live video released by ayaka. It was released in three versions: a limited DVD+CD edition, a regular DVD only edition, and a regular Blu-ray disc only edition. The limited edition CD contains the audio from the concert, including "Human Nature", a Michael Jackson cover not included on the DVD or Blu-ray disc. The concert took place on November 18, 2009 at Osaka-Jo Hall. It was ayaka's last solo concert before her hiatus to treat her illness of Graves' disease.

Currently one of my Favourite albums ~ Could be the best Album by Ayaka yet, since it's LIVE. Ayaka's LIVE Versions are all top notch quality. The best of the best, even better than her recording tracks. Not once was I dissatisfied after watching her Live performance. Her reputation precedes her. Just check out her Budokan Live and Sing to the Sky Live ~ Live Shower and you'll get what I mean. A must buy for true fans of hers.

Unfortunately for me, the 3.17Gb I downloaded is only the Ts version and is only 27 minutes long. Bloody hell! 4 songs only and it's not commercial free.

Tracks ~ Actually 19 (Includes CM Talks)
1) Jewelry day ~ Jewelry Day is a nice touch. Her mellow yet powerful voice for this song is just nice to listen to.
For a Track ~ 5/5 (since there's no live track for this on her other album)
Performance ~ 4.85/5 (For me her best version of this song is from Music Japan)

2) I believe ~ Ah!!! Her debut song. Nostalgic. One of her best, her voice really comes out for this one.
For a Track ~ 4.5/5 (For some reason, this is one of those songs I find her recording version better)
Performance ~ 4.5/5 (For me her best version is still during her Budokan Live performance ~ What sheer power!)

3) Why ~ Crisis Core Ending Theme, another hit to remind you of the epic sacrifice of the Heroic Zack Fair for a soldier grunt like Cloud Strife. Yet, people like Cloud Strife more just because of Advent Children. lol
For a Track ~ 5/5 (Same reason as Jewelry day)
Performance ~ 5/5 (Sounds better than her other Live versions for this song)

4) Te wo Tsunagou (手をつなごう) ~ My favourite song by her. Surprisingly nice and relaxing. The theme song for a Doraemon Movie lol..
For a Track ~ 4.7/5 (Budokan Live version is better for some reason)
Performance ~ 4.5/5 (I think her performance for this one is more relaxing. Check out Sing to Sky Live Shower ~ Pure Epic performance ~ Vocals utilized to the max)

5) Good Night Baby (グンナイベイビー) ~ An okay track for me. Pretty much normal.
For a Track ~ 5/5 (Nicer than her recording version)
Performance ~ Unrated (Haven't seen/heard her other Live vid for this one)

6) Human Nature (Michael Jackson cover) ~ Just one word ~ Nice!

7) Blue Days (ブルーデイズ) ~ Another normal track for me. Well, better than normal.
For a Track ~ 4.25/5 (Recording version sounds slightly better, other Live versions from previous singles sound nicer)
Performance ~ Unrated ( Same reason as Good Night Baby)

8) Mikazuki (三日月) ~ A very nice song indeed
For a Track ~ 4.75/5 (Budokan Live version has a nicer atmospheric sound)
Performance ~ Unrated ( Most of her performance on this song are almost the same)

9) Okaeri (おかえり) ~ Home Sweet Home. Kinda nice song for Absolute Boyfriend. Her husband also stars in it haha.
For a Track ~ 5/5 (This version really has a nicer feel ~ The BGM perhaps)
Performance ~ 5/5 (Nothing to add)

10) Yume wo Mikata ni (夢を味方に) ~ Not really a fan of this song.
For a Track ~ 4/5 (Recording version has a nicer feel)
Performance ~ 4.8/5 (At least a little better than the Music Station version)

11) Arigatou. (ありがとう。) ~ No idea about this track
For a Track ~ Unrated
Performance ~ Unrated

12) WINDING ROAD ~ One of the tracks that I don't really like. Was hoping for Peace loving people
For a Track ~ 3.5/5 (I think recording is better since it's Duet)
Performance ~ unrated

13) Minna Sora no Shita (みんな空の下) ~ Wow, was totally blown away by this.
For a Track ~ 5/5 (Opening is nice, like from Budokan where towards the end she sings without a mic)
Performance ~ Unrated ( Haven't seen much of her Live for this one)

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