Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sonken Chuubou (Swim Wear 2) (Resin Kit)

Manufacturer : Musashiya
Scale : 1/6
Material : Resin
Producer : WOOD
Original : Ikki Tousen -Great Guardians-
Release Date : Late Jan., 2010
Regular Price : 13,800 yen about 153.01 USD
Sales Price : 13,110 yen about 145.36 USD
Points Acquired : 655 points
Store code : 10105392

well-proportioned ~ 5
easy-to-build ~ 5
faithful to the original~ 5
character's charm~ 5
facial expression~ 5

Omg, I can't believe it. Customers won't even give a darn 25/25 for Lenneth but THIS, C'mon!! Technically I have no offence about Resin Kits of these genre. Sure it does seem easy to build and resembles somewhat faithful to the origin, based on evenly shaped proportions deserving a 5 overall, but what about the rest? Facial looks normal, charm ..... well 3 I guess. Just because it's from Ikki Tousen and  the bra and pantsu's are detachable, customers give it full 5/5. (LoL, can't argue with that.) My point is, they should give more consideration to other resin kits that deserve much more praise and credit for such as Lenneth and Aerith. Anyway here are some of the fan services provided below, haha enjoy.

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