Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top 3 Anime Characters I loathe

No.3) Hayase Koichi from Linebarrels of Iron

Watched the first episode of Linebarrels of Iron and you'll understand why. Well can't blame him since he's only 14. Hey, a 14 year kid who suddenly got enhanced speed, strength and stamina would definitely act like this. Totally defying the consequences that are in hand. I hate him for only a few episodes. Then he realized his mistakes, knows his motives and goes on to save the world, which deserves my praise for that. At least Koichi is not as bad as Kei Kuruno from Gantz. Now that's a total ass in episode one. The songs are one of the factors why I watched Linebarrel till eps 24 end and surprisingly the ending is not bad.

Reminds me of a G**d*m OP

No.2) Tōya Fujii from White Album

I can say this guy is definitely an asshole in many sense. Just because he got brainwashed by a senior when he's young into believing that all the girls he meet are Saviour Goddess, he's moulded into something like this. What the hell is wrong with this guy. I know a guy's got needs but come on, this is really over buddy. You have a wonderful idol GF. Just because you couldn't be with her due to schedule conflicts, you cheat on her with 3 other girls just to drown yourself in sorrow. In the end she forgives you and falls in love with you all over again. How great can this get lol. A really sly character even though many would not have noticed it, taking opportunity on every girl~ right time, right place, right pathetic excuse. But in the end he comes to his senses and he does the right thing. Glad that happens. Ogata Rina is the only girl I sympathize for some reason.

No.1) Makoto Ito from School Days

A real disgrace to Anime protagonist out there. He is in a relationship with one of the hottest girl in high school, got succumbed into his childhood friend's seduction and climbed up the stairs to adulthood in one night. Next day he becomes an ass, later on thinks that his gf is irritating and breaks up with her. I don't even know how many girls this guy has F**ked. The whole class? The same year girls? Heck the entire school? He even got Sekai pregnant.( I doubt it, looks fake and obvious for some reason) He met his bitter end which I think he solemnly deserves. The sad part was Kotonoha dying with a fool like this.

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