Wednesday, January 6, 2010

White Album ~ Powder Snow. feat Nana Mizuki as Ogata Rina

Powder Snow has gotta be my favourite song from the whole White Album series. What's even more awesome is the whole song amplified by the quality essence of  Nana Mizuki's remarkable voice. Damn!! wanna get the duet version by both Nana Mizuki and Hirano Aya real soon. Even a song like 1986-nen no Marilyn sounds so nice with Nana Mizuki's voice input into it. You'll surely won't get tired of classics like this with Nana's voice in it.

Tracklist :
02. 1986-nen no Marilyn
03. POWDER SNOW off Vocals
04. 1986-nen no Marilyn off Vocals


Here's the duet Version ~ Love this even more with Hirano Aya's voice.

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