Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rest in Peace Old Friend

Dude, one day we'll be gone from this earth.
Didn't know yours was so soon.
The days I had fun with you..
I'll definitely won't forget..
Back in the old days when we were just chaffs..

Just as you had always been
Appearing to be cheerful and modest
So as I look back olden days
Of times when they're were hail
Never once I've seen you shown temper

Keen thus had many loved once did
In times of requiem for thee
Unto new life a journey begins

Keg of the finest vino
When times come of Spring
And Scarlet Tanagers chirp
Next to you I shall offer
Giving thou the best of qualities

Hope of tranquillity we pray for thee
Of present times
Of future that awaits
Nonetheless we shall meet again, till then watch over us.

RIP Dear Friend, for it is just the beginning of the end.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Melody. Ishikawa Miyuki Appreciation 3/3 (Single's section)

The final of the appreciation section. Hope she comes back soon to make more Jpop music that I love.

1st Single:
[Dreamin' Away]

Track Listing:
01 Dreamin' Away
02 Now
03 24 seven
04 Dreamin' Away (remix)


2nd Single:
[Simple as That / Over the Rainbow]

Track Listing:
01 Simple as That
02 Over the Rainbow
03 Simple as That (BL Remix)


3rd Single:
[Crystal Love]

Track Listing:
01 Crystal Love
02 Do you here what I hear?
03 Crystal Love (m&M remix)


4th Single:
[Believe Me (Japanese version)]

Track Listing:
01 Believe Me (Japanese version)
02 So into You (Japanese version)
03 Believe Me (Japanese version)(instrumental)
04 So Into You (Japanese version)(instrumental)


4th Single:
[Believe Me (English version)]

Track Listing:
01 Believe Me (English version)
02 So Into You (English version)
03 Believe Me (English version)(instrumental)
04 So Into You (English version)(instrumental)


5th Single:
[Next to You]

Track Listing:
01 Next to You
02 Summery Memory
03 So into You (only one remix)
04 Next to you (instrumental)


6th Single:
[realize / Take a Chance]

Track Listing:
01 realize
02 Take a Chance
03 Next to you (FREDISCO remix)
04 realize (instrumental)
05 Take a Chance (instrumental)


7th Single:
[see you...]

Track Listing:
01 see you....
02 Close your eyes
03 see you... (mel funk remix)
04 realize (Sugiurumn house mission mix)


8th Single:
[Lovin' U]

Track Listing:
01 Lovin' U
02 Our Journey
03 Feel the Rush
04 Feel the Rush (Junkie XL remix)


9th Single:
[Finding My Road]
TFCC-89192 (w/dvd)

Track Listing:
01 Finding My Road
02 fragile
03 My Dear
04 Finding My Road (SiZK Water drop mix)


10th Single:
[Love Story]

Track Listing:
01 Love Story
02 Born 2 Luv U
03 Lovin'U (Deckstream Remix)
04 Love Story (instrumental)


11th Single:
[Haruka Hana ~Haruka~]

Track Listing:
01 Haruka Hana ~Haruka~
02 Plumeria
03 That's The Way It Is
04 Haruka Hana ~Haruka~ (instrumental)


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maple at Midnight

I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Oh yeah, Muttons to Midnight. Yup they are just too darn hilarious. Check this out if you're acquainted to these songs, understand hokkien and very much accustomed to the Singaporean side of culture. HAHA Enjoy and LOL!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Supercell – Sayonara Memories

The second single by Supercell entitled Sayonara Memories (さよならメモリーズ), released on February 10, 2010. Not bad but not to my cup of tea (Kinda feels like much reference from the previous single ~ Track 1). Jazz rock oriented style (Track 2). But I loved track 3 so much ~ Acoustic guitar + Gazelle/Nagi's angelic voice = Simply Beautiful

Track listing:
1. Sayonara Memories
2. Oshiete Ageru
3. Yakusoku wo Shiyou
4. Sayonara Memories -Instrumental-
5. Oshiete Ageru -Instrumental-

Download (MU)

Friday, February 19, 2010

【コミックマーケット76】スノウ・ダンス【livetune loves ココ】

Comiket 76’s release. Livetune loves ココ. Featuring impressive song and remix including renowned Supercell — ryo. The main singer is actually ココ with Miku during backup vocal and chorus. Very nice none the less.

Title: スノウ・ダンス
Main Artist: livetune, ココ, Supercell
Release date: 08/15/2009
Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps
Tracks: 8

Track List:
01. スノウ・ダンス
02. Contrary Love
03. アメフリ
04. Twinkle Melody Twinkle Memory
05. スノウ・ダンス (Dr.ARM Remix)
06. Contrary Love (mitsu remix)
07. アメフリ (rremix)
08. Twinkle Melody Twinkle Memory (Sparkle Galaxy mix)

Download (MF)

As expected of the latest by Livetune. Really love the music they produce which really does generate the happiness in me. They're still my favourite when it comes to Miku hitz. Supercell Ryo rulz.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DD "Fate/hollow ataraxia" Dream Saber

Dolls Party 19 Limited Edition
Fate/hollow ataraxia
DD Saber

Sculpted by: Serika Misaki, Zoukei-mura Inc.

Armor and Excalibur Production: Zoukei-mura Inc.

Dress Design: VOLKS Doll Design Department

Eyes: Acrylic Eye 22mm Metallic Animetic ("Saber" Original Design)

Head: "Saber" Original Head

Wig: "Saber" Original Style, DD size

Body: DD Base Body II, Normal Skin, M Bust

Included Items: Doll, Wig, Excalibur, Armor, Slip Dress, Bloomers, Apron Dress, Corset, Flap, Underskirt, Optional Holding Hands


The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
Please be careful as the color of the wig or outfit may stain the surface of the doll. We recommend the use of "Dollfie Head Cap" to prevent the wig staining the doll's head.
The wig is tied at the back of the head. Please handle it with care as it may come undone when handled roughly.
This doll is made of PVC. Please keep away from heat.


Chosen master, this DD Saber is the supreme ultimate.
Dedicated to everyone who loves Saber...

The ultimate "king of the knights" comes down as Dollfie Dream. With a gallant, handsome look, a wide range of natural movements, quality clothing, and a breathtaking weapon and armor. This must be your "Sword of Promised Victory".

Truly the ultimate masterpiece and ideal figure of Saber. This dollfie doll comes at $1,045.00, the most expensive one I have seen yet for a Saber doll (one of the most expensive for a dollfie doll). An astounding doll with a remarkable price. Fans would kill to buy this. The corset plus battle armor dress really does leave you drooling over such pure perfection crafted into a magnificent masterpiece. Truly noteworthy of the title Sword of Promised Victory.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ryuusei no Namida

Need to wait for another week till the Singles release for this song by Chiaki Kuriyama. The Official Theme Song for Gundam UC. March 12 marks the International release of the first instalment of Gundam UC OVA. All I can say is that patience is not in my blood when it comes to something I desire LoL.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fate/Stay Night TV Reproduction OP / ED

Tainaka Sachi – Fate/stay night TV reproduction OP Single – disillusion-2010-

The TV Reproduction for the series / OVA as others may state. The OP is a nice touch since it's more mellow in  a sense that it's more of an orchestral version for the original. The second track is my favourite since it featured Jyukai's voice in it.

1. disillusion-2010-
2. Kumo no Kakera
3. disillusion-2010- (instrumental)
4. Kumo no Kakera (instrumental)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tainaka Sachi – Gekijouban Fate/stay night UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS Theme Song Single – Voice -Tadoritsuku Basho-

Sachi Tainaka's 11th single. The Theme song for Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Movie ~Voice~ is quite a nice track with a more laid-back relaxing feel. The second track, well I just don't like it for some reason. It really sounds just too normal. Thus this is just an okay Single for me.

1. Voice -Tadoritsuku Basho-
2. Sunao ni Natte
3. Voice -Tadoritsuku Basho- (instrumental)
4. Sunao ni Natte (instrumental)