Friday, February 19, 2010

【コミックマーケット76】スノウ・ダンス【livetune loves ココ】

Comiket 76’s release. Livetune loves ココ. Featuring impressive song and remix including renowned Supercell — ryo. The main singer is actually ココ with Miku during backup vocal and chorus. Very nice none the less.

Title: スノウ・ダンス
Main Artist: livetune, ココ, Supercell
Release date: 08/15/2009
Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps
Tracks: 8

Track List:
01. スノウ・ダンス
02. Contrary Love
03. アメフリ
04. Twinkle Melody Twinkle Memory
05. スノウ・ダンス (Dr.ARM Remix)
06. Contrary Love (mitsu remix)
07. アメフリ (rremix)
08. Twinkle Melody Twinkle Memory (Sparkle Galaxy mix)

Download (MF)

As expected of the latest by Livetune. Really love the music they produce which really does generate the happiness in me. They're still my favourite when it comes to Miku hitz. Supercell Ryo rulz.

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