Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DD "Fate/hollow ataraxia" Saber Alter

I was in luck yesterday, to be introduced by my good friend Andy to something with such beauty and elegance that just might have compelled Barbie dolls into semi-retirement, if not for the insanely high-priced tags for one such model. Dollfire as many may have heard is a doll not to be taken lightly of. Ranging from body parts, accessories to lingerie of different fabrics, these toys are meant for the rich and Otakus who are able to afford it. The joy of taking many clear shot pictures, thus sharing and bragging about their existence is what most owners enjoy. The first Dollfire doll that I madly fell in love with, is actually a Saber doll from Fate/Stay Night. This is the Alter version which I definitely find worthy of sharing.

Dolls Party 20 Limited Edition
Fate/hollow ataraxia Dollfie Dream "SABER"

Sculpted by: Serika Misaki, Zoukei-mura Inc.

Dress Design: VOLKS Doll Design Department

Eyes: Acrylic Eye 22mm Metallic Animetic ("Saber Alter" Original Design)

Head: "Saber"/"Saber Alter" Original Head

Wig: "Saber Alter" Original Style, DD size

Body: DD Base Body II, White Skin, M Bust

Included Items: Doll, Wig, Boots, Dress, Corset, Panties, Knee-High Socks


The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
Please be careful as the color of the wig or outfit may stain the surface of the doll. We recommend the use of "Dollfie Head Cap" to prevent the wig staining the doll's head.
This doll is made of PVC. Please keep away from heat.


Sublimity, and Beauty, blossoming even after falling into darkness.
From the wild yet powerful image of her from the time of 'Fate/stay night', comes Saber Alter of 'Fate/hollow ataraxia' - sublime, beautiful, and now incredibly lovable too.

Without losing any of that ambience, the lord of the dark knights has become a Dollfie Dream.

Despite her calmer aesthetic, the sublime atmosphere that surrounds her is surely the ultimate pinnacle of the Dollfie Dream. And of course the wig, eyes, makeup and so on are brand new reinterpretations, carefully put together just for DD Saber Alter.

Please enjoy 'another Saber' to the utmost, in this interpretation of her beauty as a doll.

You could say that Alter's greatest feature is her translucent amber eyes. You're sure to enjoy the atmosphere this compelling trait gives her!

Her jet black outfit has a truly top-quality feel to it, right down to the minute details. It's hard to miss the fine attention to detail - such as the lace adorning her knee-high socks - all designed to make her even more stunningly enchanting.

This is seriously 100 times better than what you will get from PVC figurines. Problem is, it's just too darn expensive. At $572.00, are you willing to chip in old benjamin notes for this or a little more for something like Lenneth. I would personally find this a better choice since the joints are movable and you may set them in whatever position your eyes see befitting before taking the ultimate shot.


  1. is there anyway i can buy this ?

  2. Just check out the dollfie website. I rather you choose something more affordable. Once you buy a dollfie, you will be officially committed to this daughter of yours.

  3. I'd love to adopt a daughter but currently have no financial background to support a daughter T_T