Saturday, February 6, 2010

Diamond / Over the Clouds Single

alan 2010年第1弾SINGLEは、アニメ「犬夜叉 完結編」とPSP(R) 専用ゲーム「GOD EATER」の豪華Wタイアップ付き!2010年第1弾! alan 12th NEW SINGLEは豪華Wタイアップ!
犬夜叉 完結編エンディングテーマソング「Diamond」と、バンダイナムコゲームスPSP(R) 専用ゲーム「GOD EATER」オープニングテーマソング「Over the clouds」を収録! DVDには「Diamond」のMusic Videoを収録し、「犬夜叉エンディングテロップ抜き映像(95秒)」と「GOD EATERアニメ」(5分予定)も収録! さらに!初回限定仕様として、AVCD-31780には犬夜叉絵柄、AVCD-31781にはGOD EATER絵柄の表4巻き帯仕様が決定!

01 Diamond 
02 Over the clouds 
03 Diamond(Instrumental) 
04 Over the clouds(Instrumental)


One amazing single indeed. Diamond, the ED theme for Inuyasha ~ The Final Act and Over the Clouds as the OP theme for God Eater. Both tracks represent a later date style of Alan as opposed to her previous works of ballad songs that unveiled the true potential of her powerful unrivalled, Tibetan Wail. It's quite refreshing to listen to these type of songs by her once in a while. Take it as an easy break from her Ballad tracks. Some parts from the 2nd track reminds me of Jyongri's Possession. There's also that dark symphonic feeling that seems all to nostalgic. Oh yeah, she has an amazing cover for this one and she's the only Chinese Jap singer I like, apart from Faye and Alexander (Chinese and English songs.) Enjoy this single.

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