Tuesday, February 9, 2010

VF-1J Fighter Ichijyo Hikaru Custom (Plastic model)

Manufacturer : Wave
Scale : 1/100
Original : Macross
Release Date : Late Apr
Regular Price : 2,400 yen about 26.85 USD
Sales Price : 1,920 yen (20%OFF) about 21.48 USD
Points Acquired : 96 points
Jan code : 4943209190539
Item code : MC-53
Store code : 10108845

One of the classic fighters that really does bring back memories from the original SDF Macross. Zero is the currently the best and prettiest series yet in my opinion.

Manufacturer ~ Shinnakasu

External 55 mm Howard GU-11 gunpod with 200 rounds firing 1200 rounds per minute, mounted under central fuselage.
Mauler RÖV-20 anti-aircraft laser cannon (one in VF-1A, two in VF-1J and VF-1D, four in VF-1S) firing 6000 pulses per minute, mounted on head turret under the nose.

Four pivoting hardpoints under the wings.
Up to 12 AMM-1 multipurpose missiles (three on each hardpoint), 6 RMS-1 anti-ship reaction missiles (two on each outbound pylons and one on each inbound pylon), 12 Mk-82 conventional bombs (three on each hardpoint) and four UMM-7 micro missile pods carrying 15 Bifors HMM-01 micromissiles; or a combination of any of these.

A nice model with standard armaments that meet between the VF-1A and VF-1S in terms of laser cannon heads. Must buy for True SDF fans.

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