Friday, April 30, 2010

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Plat Arts Kai Snake Sneaking Suit Ver. (PVC Figure)

Manufacturer : SQUARE ENIX
Scale : Non
Original : Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Release Date : Jun
Regular Price : 4,800 yen about 51.11 USD
Sales Price : 4,080 yen (15%OFF) about 43.44 USD
Points Acquired : 204 points
Jan code : 4988601314091
Item code : 314091
Store code : 10114732

Naked Snake / Big Boss (Akio Ohtsuka/David Hayter) - Former member of the CIA special forces unit FOX and the founder of FOXHOUND. An expert in combat and stealth infiltration, Snake has spent the past four years in Colombia leading a mercenary group known as the Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF). He is also struggling with the guilt of killing his mentor, The Boss. The Original Snake from MGS with the right eye gone due to Ocelot damn it. Anyway, its a nice PVC figure and worth buying for die-hard fans.

Goddess of Forest Elwyn (PVC Figure)

Manufacturer : Kotobukiya
Scale : 1/6
Material : PVC
Producer : Kouei Matsumoto
Original : Shining Wind
Release Date : Late Apr., 2010
Regular Price : 8,800 yen about 93.7 USD
Sales Price : 7,480 yen (15%OFF) about 79.64 USD
Points Acquired : 374 points
Jan code : 4934054781003
Item code : PP336
Store code : 10105591

Just 3 words, Fine, Sexy and Beautiful. A MUST BUY !!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Angel Beats! Crow Song ~ Girls Dead Monster

This one got me high but the girl band concept is kinda getting damn old lol.

1. Crow Song
2. Alchemy
3. My Song


Miz ~ Album section

1st Album: (Under the Label as Miz)
[Say It's Forever]
VIZL-125 (w/dvd)

Track Listing:
01 New Day (Nice!)
02 Waiting For
03 What's Going On
04 If You Run
05 Interlude
06 Confusion
07 Dreams
08 Not You (Recommended )
09 Say It's Forever
10 Circles
11 What's It To You?!
12 In the Dark
13 Got It


1st English Album:

Track Listing:
01 Story Untold (Love it!!!)
02 You Can Do Anything (Ordinary Girl)
03 If You Run
04 Dreams
05 New Day
06 Not You
07 Waiting
08 Strong
09 Lay Your Love on Me
10 Can't Hold Back My Tears


2nd Album:
VIZL-171 (w/dvd)

Track Listing:
01 Bittersweet
02 Eyes Don't Lie
03 In the Sky
04 Backseat Baby
05 An Ordinary Day
06 What Difference
07 Dreamer
08 Give it All Away
09 In the Rain
10 Yesterday
11 Part of My Balance
12 Welcome to our party
13 In My Life


1st Mini-Album:(Under the Label Mizrock
[Goodbye, Yesterday]
UPCH-29004 (w/dvd)

Track Listing:
01 Good bye, yesterday (Romeo X Juliet 2nd ED gotta love it)
02 Beautiful Day (Recommended)
03 I
04 Small Town
05 Aisaretakute
06 Big Sky


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Miz ~ PV section

Mizuki Watanabe (渡辺 みづき Watanabe Mizuki, born March 6, 1981 in Kitami, Hokkaidō, Japan), better known simply as Miz, is a Japanese pop/rock singer. Though most of her music is released in Japan, she does her work primarily from Gotland, Sweden, mainly doing promotional videos, photo shoots, and recording there. Few people know of her since her popularity is not that of the upper echelon in the music world. The thing is I like her and her singing style, especially her very first album ~ Say it's yesterday. She kinda reminds me of what it were to be like if Olivia Lufkin + Anna Tsuchiya + Ayumi Hamasaki (make-up) comes together as a whole LoL. Her Jpop to Jrock older works pretty much suit my taste due to her acoustic sensational, smooth-line rock that lacks in mainstream music these days. Her newer singles are kinda distasteful for me. Anyway, this post is all about her PV's (I think I got all of them). Enjoy.

Theme Song of Grandia III ~ Shot in the Californian Desert

The 2nd Ending Theme for Romeo X Juliet

English Versions ~ Her english Versions overdubbing the Jap Versions ~ It still sounds damn nice!!

~A Little Extra~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meguriau Sekai

If you love watching 5 cm per second, then this is an anime one shot just for you. The sad thing about this anime is, the characters drawn seemed to be from mediocre to poor quality that does not even seem befitting for the whole anime. Heck even Suzuki Sora fits well in Natsu no Sora. Nevertheless it has a nice story to it and the visual background is just an eye candy to watch. Enjoy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rock 'n' Roll Circus

A little too late to post this but anyway, another major hit album by Ayumi. There's just something about this album that enthralled me a deal. The last album was just O.K but I love the introductory instrumental track. The rest of tracks are kinda decent, only a handful seemed promising to me. Rock 'n' Roll Circus has a slight opposite effect to that. Most of the tracks are kinda mellow to sheer rock intro in a sense but comes in powerful later on which does give me an appealing instant effect when I listened wholeheartedly. 'Last links' is currently my favorite track since it has that acoustic feel to it. Some of the tracks has a similar style to her older albums which definitely is a ++ for me. A Best 2 Black is still her best album in my POV. Wish she produces another album to surpass the best of the best.

Released: April 14, 2010
Recorded: 2009-2010
Genre: Pop, pop-rock, electro-pop, ballad, dance-pop
Length: 62:08 min
Label: Avex Trax
Producer: Max Matsuura

1. "The Introduction"
2. "Microphone"
3. "Count Down"
4. "Sunset: Love is All"
5. "Ballad"
6. "Last Links"
7. "Montage"
8. "Don't Look Back"
9. "Jump!"
10. "Lady Dynamite"
11. "Sexy Little Things"
12. "Sunrise: Love is All"
13. "Meaning of Love"
14. "You Were..."
15. "Red Line: for TA" (Album Version)


Shoko Nakagawa - "Ray of Light"

The PV for the 5th ED of the ever popular Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Enjoy.

FMA Brotherhood 5th OP/ED

Got kinda bored so I posted this up haha.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Squad ~ The moment of Truth

How come the anime these days seem so suckish. Damn I wish they would do more on history related stuffs such as this. First Squad ~ The moment of Truth chronicles the times of WW II when the Nazi's invade Russia. What the historians and veterans told were facts and truths but the whole anime retold in a tale of embellishments. Nevertheless, a nice OVA to watch. The sad part is, language is in Russian, not Jap and it's not a DUB.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

【Creative Run】VL-Scramble

Another powerful Album compilation from various artist. Only Rin and Miku were input into this. Enjoy.

Credits to Vocaloid Dash
Title: VL-Scramble
Main Artist(s): Deco*27, 40mP, Samfree, Dios, そそそ, etc.
VOCALOID: 初音ミク, 鏡音リン
Release date: 03/24/2010
Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps
Tracks: 11

Track List:
1. Fate of Soul feat. 鏡音リン/ SAM FREE
2. ANIMALIA feat. 初音ミク/DECO*27
3. LIFE STREAM feat. 初音ミク/YUSUKE P
4. UNBALANCE feat. 鏡音リン/Dios/シグナルP
5. Screen Shot feat. 初音ミク/No D
6. ボクヨサラバ feat. 初音ミク/テンネン
7. 幻想LIMITED DOLL feat. 初音ミク/SHUN
8. White Railroad feat. 初音ミク/そそそ (津久井箇人)
9. わがままな子は好きですか feat. 鏡音リン/かたほとり
10. 三日月ライダー feat. 初音ミク/40メートルP
11. ONE NIGHT GIRL feat. 初音ミク/ジミーサムP


Sunday, April 11, 2010

WHITE ALBUM Character Song Best & Sound Track

OMG!!!  the long awaited OST album is finally here. There's just two words to describe this album ~ Simply remarkable. Was quite pissed off with the Sound Stage album of 01 and 02. The best thing about this album is in Disc 2, featuring Live Versions and Duet Versions that you could only once hear it in the Anime haha.

Disco 1
1. Fuyu
2. Fuyu II
3. Requiem
4. Nejire~Karamaru
5. Nejire~Karamaru II
6. Kaisou
7. Eiji Guitar Solo
8. Touya~Yakou
9. Rina~Keisha
10.Rina~Keisha II
12.Yuki II
18.Akira~Yuunagi Daigaku
19.Sakuradan Toujou
20.SOUND OF DESTINY Intro Long Version
21.Shikakerareta Wana
24.Koiiro Sora High Technique Inst Version
25.”Venus” Opening Fanfare
28.Menou II
29.Kissa Echoes
30.Tennai BGM1
31.Tennai BGM2

Disc 2
1. Shin’ai (TV SIZE)
2. Mugen (TV SIZE)
3. WHITE ALBUM (Live Ver.)
5. Koiiro Sora
6. POWDER SNOW (Live Ver.)
7. Secret Chaos
9. Maiochiru Yuki no You ni (TV SIZE)
10.Akai Ito (TV SIZE)

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Friday, April 9, 2010

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. ~ Heavens Divide Maxi Single.

One of the most promising Maxi Singles released this year. Two powerhouse of the music industry, Donna Burke X Nana Mizuki in one Single. Epic performance especially for Nana Mizuki ~ utilizing her vocals to the best degree as usual. Heavens Divide starts out elegant and mellow but later turns into a powerful track that leaves you in awe when listening to it. Koi No Yokushi Ryoku on the other hand has the same opening sequence but turns upbeat rather than the power vocals coming to place.  Nana Mizuki really does now how to bring out the best of her voice in this. A must buy for Jpop fans wanting to experience the Nana Mizuki Impact as well as  fans of the ever popular game ~ Metal Gear Solid.

1) Heavens Divide
2) Koi no Yokushiryoku
3) Heavens Divide (Instrumental)
4) Koi no Yokushiryoku (Instrumental)
5) Heavens Divide (Short Version)
6) Koi no Yokushiryoku (Paz Special Version)
7) Koi no Yokushiryoku (Guy's Karaoke Version)


~Heavens Divide~
Petals of white
Cover fields flowing in grieving tears
And all the hearts once new, old and shattered now
Love can kill, love will die
Give me wings to fly
Fleeing this world so cold
I just wonder why

Cold as the dark
Now my words are frosted with every breath
Still the heat burns wild, growing inside this heart
When the wind changes course, when the stars align
I will reach out to you and leave this all behind
When heavens divide

When heavens divide
I will see the choices within my hands
How can we ever protect and fight with our tiny souls
Let me shine like the sun through the doubts and fear
Do you feel the storm approach as the end draws near

When heavens divide
Time will come to softly lay me down
Then I can see a face that I long to see
And for you, only you I would give anything
Leaving a trace for love to find a way

When heavens divide

I will dive into the fire
Spilling the blood of my desire
The very last time
My name scorched into the sky

When heavens divide

And for you, only you I would give anything
Leaving a trace for love to find a way

When heavens divide

~Koi no Yokushiryoku/Love Deterrence~
I love you Todoite kono omoi Kitto itsuka ha Kanau yo ne Konna kimochi Setsuna sugiru no

Hajimari nante wakaranai no Namae mo heibon de Doko ni demo isou Demo nanmannin ite mo watashi Kitto kimi wo mitsukeru yo
Sunao na Kimochi tojikome Kara ni komotta jibun ga iya de Ki no nai furi suru sono tabi ni Tada itami ga fueteku
Kimi ha nani wo negau no? Soba ni ite hoshii Zutto Zutto sore dake na no ni
(Doki doki…)
Koi no yokushiryoku Hora GAME ga hajimaru Mitsume aeba wakarudesho? Hajimari no BERU ga naru
Listen To My Heart Koe ni naranai kono koe
Tomete Koi no yokushiryoku Tsutaetai watashi no subete

Nanige ni kami wo kitta keredo Hontou ha kimi no sei nante ienai
Usotsuite nigetebakaride Mou Konomama ja dame da yo
Hoka no hito wazato miteiru Sonna tsuyogari shiranai mamade
Sugu soba wo sugiteku senaka ga Itai hodo tooku kanjita
Kimi ha dare wo omou no? Oshiete futari ha Itsu made Kono mama tsuduite yukuno?
(Kyun kyun...)
Koi no yokushiryoku Hora GAME no hajimari Karamiau omoi ha mou Hodokenai ugoki hajimeta
Listen To My Heart Motto sunao ni naretara
Tomete Koi no yokushiryoku Kokoro dake soba ni iru no

Itsuka iu no "Daisuki da yo" Yume de iu no "Itsumo gomen"
Itsuka itte zutto issho datte Hanasanaitte gyutto gyutto shite yo
(Zuki zuki...)

Koi no yokushiryoku Hora GAME no hajimari Massugu na omoi ga hora Ima afure hashiri dasu
Hitori nante mou Ya da yo Mite yo Watashi no koto
Zenbu kimi he to tsunagaru no Donna kako mo mirai mo zutto Zutto….

Kono deai ga Sekai wo kaeru Houkago KURASU ni Ima ha futari Kamisama ga kureta CHANSU yo Jikan ha tada sugite yuku
Kitto kono mama Futari ha Sudoori Senaka awase de Hanarete iku….

I love you Todoite kono omoi Kitto itsuka ha kanau yo ne Konna kimochi Setsuna sugiru no
Onegai tomete… Koi no yokushiryoku

I love you; I hope these thoughts reach you I’m sure one day it’ll come true Such feelings are too painful
I don’t understand things such as beginnings It seems like you could have an ordinary name and be anywhere But no matter how many people there are I’m sure to find you
I don’t like the me who locked up these quiet feelings And confined herself in a shell Each time that I halfheartedly hold myself back The pain merely grows
What do you wish for? I want to be close to you Forever, forever that’s all I want and yet…
(Thump thump…)
Love deterrence Look! It’s the beginning of the game Look at these straightforward thoughts Now I’m overflowing and I start to run
I don’t want to be alone any longer! Look at me!
Everything leads to you No matter the past or the future, forever And ever….
This encounter will change the world After school in the classroom Now just the two of us This is a chance given by God Time merely passes by
I’m sure that if this goes on We’ll pass each other by With our backs facing each other We move apart
I love you; I hope these thoughts reach you I’m sure one day it’ll come true Such feelings are too painful
Please stop… Love deterrence

I love you 届いてこの想い きっといつかは 叶うよね こんな気持ち せつなすぎるの

始まりなんてわからないの 名前も平凡で どこにでもいそう でも何万人いても私 きっとキミを見つけるよ
素直な キモチとじこめ 殻にこもった自分がイヤで 気のないフリするそのたびに ただ痛みが増えてく
キミは何を願うの? そばにいてほしい ずっと ずっとそれだけなのに
恋の抑止力 ほらGAMEがはじまる 見つめあえばわかるでしょ? はじまりのベルが鳴る
Listen To My Heart 声にならないこの声
とめて 恋の抑止力 伝えたい 私のすべて

なにげに髪を切ったけれど 本当はキミのせいだなんて言えない
嘘ついて逃げてばかりで もう このままじゃだめだよ
ほかのひと わざと見ている そんな強がり 知らないままで
すぐそばをすぎてく背中が 痛いほど遠く感じた
キミは誰を想うの? 教えてふたりは いつまで このまま続いてゆくの?
恋の抑止力 ほらGAMEのはじまり 絡み合う想いはもう ほどけない 動き始めた
Listen To My Heart もっと素直になれたら
とめて 恋の抑止力 心だけ そばにいるの

いつか言うの「大好きだよ」 夢で言うの「いつもごめん」
いつか言って ずっと一緒だって 離さないって ぎゅっとぎゅっとしてよ (ズキズキ・・・)

恋の抑止力 ほらGAMEのはじまり まっすぐな想いがほら いまあふれ走りだす
ひとりなんてもう やだよ 見てよ 私のこと
全部キミへとつながるの どんな過去も未来もずっと ずっと....

この出会いが 世界を変える 放課後クラスに 今はふたり 神様がくれたチャンスよ 時間はただ過ぎてゆく
きっとこのまま ふたりは素通り 背中あわせで 離れていく・・・・

I love you 届いてこの想い きっといつかは叶うよね こんな気持ち 切なすぎるの
お願いとめて・・・ 恋の抑止力

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chrome Shelled Regios (Koukaku no Regios) - ED Yasashii Uso OST

Love this ending very much for some reason. Contains 12 tracks of the same song but different variations of it.

01 Yasashii Uso Original Mix
02 Yasashii Uso feat. Nina Antalk
03 Yasashii Uso feat. Felli Loss
04 Yasashii Uso feat. Leerin Marfes
05 Yasashii Uso feat. Nina Antalk instrumental
06 Yasashii Uso feat. Nina Antalk instrumental
07 Yasashii Uso feat. Felli Loss instrumental
08 Yasashii Uso feat. Felli Loss instrumental
09 Yasashii Uso feat. Leerin Marfes instrumental
10 Yasashii Uso feat. Leerin Marfes instrumental
11 Yasashii Uso Inst. Synth ver.
12 Yasashii Uso Inst.