Friday, April 30, 2010

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Plat Arts Kai Snake Sneaking Suit Ver. (PVC Figure)

Manufacturer : SQUARE ENIX
Scale : Non
Original : Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Release Date : Jun
Regular Price : 4,800 yen about 51.11 USD
Sales Price : 4,080 yen (15%OFF) about 43.44 USD
Points Acquired : 204 points
Jan code : 4988601314091
Item code : 314091
Store code : 10114732

Naked Snake / Big Boss (Akio Ohtsuka/David Hayter) - Former member of the CIA special forces unit FOX and the founder of FOXHOUND. An expert in combat and stealth infiltration, Snake has spent the past four years in Colombia leading a mercenary group known as the Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF). He is also struggling with the guilt of killing his mentor, The Boss. The Original Snake from MGS with the right eye gone due to Ocelot damn it. Anyway, its a nice PVC figure and worth buying for die-hard fans.

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