Monday, April 19, 2010

Rock 'n' Roll Circus

A little too late to post this but anyway, another major hit album by Ayumi. There's just something about this album that enthralled me a deal. The last album was just O.K but I love the introductory instrumental track. The rest of tracks are kinda decent, only a handful seemed promising to me. Rock 'n' Roll Circus has a slight opposite effect to that. Most of the tracks are kinda mellow to sheer rock intro in a sense but comes in powerful later on which does give me an appealing instant effect when I listened wholeheartedly. 'Last links' is currently my favorite track since it has that acoustic feel to it. Some of the tracks has a similar style to her older albums which definitely is a ++ for me. A Best 2 Black is still her best album in my POV. Wish she produces another album to surpass the best of the best.

Released: April 14, 2010
Recorded: 2009-2010
Genre: Pop, pop-rock, electro-pop, ballad, dance-pop
Length: 62:08 min
Label: Avex Trax
Producer: Max Matsuura

1. "The Introduction"
2. "Microphone"
3. "Count Down"
4. "Sunset: Love is All"
5. "Ballad"
6. "Last Links"
7. "Montage"
8. "Don't Look Back"
9. "Jump!"
10. "Lady Dynamite"
11. "Sexy Little Things"
12. "Sunrise: Love is All"
13. "Meaning of Love"
14. "You Were..."
15. "Red Line: for TA" (Album Version)


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