Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm gonna watch all of this.

First off, we have King of Thorns ~ A Science Fiction Anime Film based off the 6 volume manga. Kinda feels like Deep Space Downfall for some reason.

2nd, we have Bungaku Shoujo ~ Seems promising since it's done by productions I.G. Haven't read the manga yet so not too sure about the mystery genre that it's all about.

3rd, Broken Blade / Break Blade ~ Another Action, Mecha OVA which I do hope is as good as Unicorn and not as suckish as 00.

4th, Armored Trooper Votom: Phantom Arc (OVA) ~ Is it that good since the age of retro mainstream anime of cyberpunk and mechas? This I got to watch.

5th, Eden of the East II ~ Damn, and I missed out on this anime and the first movie last year.

6th, Macross Frontier the Movie : The False Diva ~ More mecha tranformation, mecha action, more triangle love and songs that seem to harmonize the whole universe for some reason, awesome.

7th, Wolverine (Madhouse) ~ Stated as an anime, but seems like an ova to me. Wolverine as a bishonen, now this is just too much haha.

8th, Iron Man (Madhouse)~ Well, it's still Iron man and this time, it's way more awesome.

9th, Hellsing Ultimate OVA and Hellsing the Dawn ~ Technically, the best OVA series I have ever watched. It takes 6 months for them just to produce one darn episode. It's just too damn awesome to describe. OVA VIII depicts something really epic. Can't wait.

10th, Gundam Unicorn ~ Well I have saved the best for last. This OVA has truly been the most epic proportion of timeless anime series out this year. The 2nd OVA will be out due December 2010 this year, which I need to wait for another 7 months.

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