Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Subarashiki konosekai OST

Well this is definitely the only OST worth downloading for me from a DS platform. Damn, cant believe I lost this OST after reformatting my comp a year long back. Just two words to describe this shit. It's freakin awesome, you know what i'm saying homie? If ya ain't gotta clue, Just download lol.

1. "It's So Wonderful"
2. "Twister" (vocal by Sawa)
3. "Underground" (vocal by Nulie Nurly)
4. "Long Dream" (vocal by Makiko Noda)
5. "Calling" (vocal by Leah)
6. "Despair"
7. "Hybrid" (vocal by Sawa)
8. "Fighting For Freedom"
9. "オーパーツ" ("Ooparts"; vocal by Ayuko Tanaka & Mai Matsuda)
10. "Forebode"
11. "Give Me All Your Love" (vocal by Wakako)
12. "サムデイ" ("Someday"; vocal by Sawa)
13. "Satisfy" (vocal by Ayuko Tanaka)
14. "Someday" (vocal by Hanaeryca)
15. "ツイスター" ("Twister"; vocal by Mai Matsuda)
16. "Let's Get Together"
17. "Slash and Slash" (renamed "Slam Brothers" in the international game release)
18. "Amnesia"
19. "Rush Hour"
20. "imprinting"
21. "オワリハジマリ" ("Owari-Hajimari," Japanese for "Ending-Beginning"; vocal by Cameron Strother)
22. "psychedelic"
23. "Game Over" (vocal by Andy Kinlay)
24. "Dancer In The Street"
25. "ハイブリッド" ("Hybrid"; vocal by Nulie Nurly)
26. "Detonation" (vocal by Londell "Taz" Hicks)
27. "Black Market"
28. "Junk Garage"
29. "It Is Fashionable"
30. "Noisy Noise"
31. "Economical Shoppers"
32. "Shibuya"
33. "Make or Break" (vocal by Hanaeryca)
34. "Twister-Remix" (vocal by Mai Matsuda)
35. "Emptiness and" (unnamed bonus track; the title is taken from the game)


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