Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Subarashiki Konosekai + The World Ends with You

Took me quite a while to search for this one but it's totally worth it. You do need to input the album name and artist though.

1. "Twister -Original ver-" (vocal by Sawa)
2. "Calling -1960s-" (vocal by Leah)
3. "Give Me All You Love -All my love-" (vocal by Wakako)
4. "Long Dream -1980s-" (vocal by Makiko Noda)
5. "サムデイ -Unplugged-" ("Someday"; vocal by Sawa)
6. "Make or Break -Black box-" (vocal by Hanaeryca)
7. "Game Over -Busy Dizzy and Lazy-" (vocal by Andy Kinlay)
8. "オーパーツ -Give me a chance-" ("Ooparts"; vocal by Ayuko Tanaka and Mai Matsuda)
9. "ハイブリッド -New born-" ("Hybrid"; vocal by Nulie Nurly)
10. "Twister -That Power is Yet Unknown-" (vocal by Sawa)
11. "Déjà vu" (vocal by Joanna Koike)
12. "Transformation" (vocal by Andy from "Sixpin")
13. "Three Minutes Clapping" (vocal by J.D. Camaro)
14. "Twister-Gang-Mix" (vocal by MJR)
15. "The One Star" (vocal by Cameron Strother)
16. "Owari-Hajimari" (vocal by Cameron Strother)
17. "Three Minutes Clapping -Live-" (vocal by J.D. Camaro)
18. "Transformation -Transformed-" (vocal by Andy from "Sixpin")
19. "Déjà vu -Discoteque-" (vocal by Joanna Koike)


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