Saturday, July 31, 2010

ブラック★ロックシューター "Braveheart" by THE GOMBAND

The ending for Black Rock Shooter. Rock on!!!

Black★Rock Shooter OVA

Black Rock Shooter, is it worth it? Some may like it and some may not. Well from my POV I personally find it seemingly sad. A few reasons that I would like to state out. The animation quality is very much above decent. (++ attributes) Battle scenes between BRS and Dead Master turns out to be better than expected. The audio presentation was just okay. The Plot is really just plain confusing for me to comprehend on the exact moment of occurrence of each relevant sequence. Those who do not have the slightest knowledge of Black Rock Shooter (first timers) would be pondering on for the next 52 minutes of why there's sudden battles throughout the whole OVA as well as characters with uncanny resemblance in between worlds. Heck, even Inception which most people view as mindf**king is much more detailed and direct.

This is one of those series that you just have to watch till the end in order to get an exact definition of what the true nature of this story is about, plot twist as well as relevance of the entire story that come into mind. Note ~ This is not a dream within a dream. For me, the storyline is pure generic. How the character development as well as progression in some point would be understandable since we all went through the exact same process. Even the climax is obvious to the viewer. The ending did not leave me appalled but a closure to what I was contemplating for the last 45 minutes. First Impression ratings ~ 6/10

On the other hand, the deliverance of this OVA is viewed-wise straightforward. Right to the action. Everything else is just petty indirect significance of telling the story as it goes that finally does make sense towards the end. The BGM was simply beautiful. Even the piano arrangement left me a little moment of sympathy. Shape-shifting weapons, chains, summoned familars and black white checkered floor tiles works great for me. Background layout as well as objects illusive to the naked eye is a visual plus factor. An amazing, almost teary scene with impact BGM that brings out the emotion within. What seriously lacks in this OVA is a brief yet direct intro to it. Heck even a 3 liner would do lol. "What am I seeking for?" "What do I really desire?" "Friends?" Well, those are my thoughts. Second Impression ratings ~ 8.5/10 Hope to hear of Eps 2 soon.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

タイナカサチ - 最高の片想い

I have always loved this track since the first time I heard of it in 彩雲国物語

Oku Hanako

Here's a few of her tracks that I seemingly adore on first audio contact.

What I couldn't remember

Gackt ~ Ever Single

"Ever" is Japanese recording artist Gackt's thirty-eighth single, released on July 28, 2010. Will contain two songs, "Ever" being the theme song for the multiplayer online role-playing game Dragon Nest. Impressions ~ well, the first track technically did the trick with fast drumbeats powered by Gackt's awesome voice. OMG I really dislike the second track. Not a huge fan of techno + plus I can't hear much of Gackt's true voice in it just so it seems that the whole track was in the realm of distortion.

1. "EVER"
2. "Uncontrol Kyoki Ranbu edition" (UNCONTROL ♂狂喜乱舞edition♂)
3. "EVER (Instrumental)"
4. "Uncontrol Kyoki Ranbu edition" (UNCONTROL ♂狂喜乱舞edition♂)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mayonaka no Door

Yup she's seriously the same chic who once did took the role of Xiao Long Nu in The Return of the Condor Heroes. She looks real damn pretty here.

All My Words

Finally a Jpop album by a Chinese girl that actually sounds good.(Besides Alan dawa dolma and Vivian Hsu of course) Catchy, relaxing, somewhat cliché in terms of the rhythm and melody that truly reminded me of Jpop oldies and even anime theme songs from the 90's era. Wait, WTF!! This was predated 4 years of the decade now. I actually missed out something so good 4 years ago? I do hope she considers releasing a second Jpop album in the future. I'll be waiting for her second impact.

1. Mayokana no Door (真夜中のドア)
2. Koisuru Shuumatsu (恋する週末)
4. Ai no Minamoto (愛のミナモト)
5. Dokomademo Hirogaru Sorani Mukatte (どこまでも ひろがる空に向かって)
6. Te no Hira no Kanata (テノヒラノカナタ)
7. My sunshiny day
8. Sekai no Himitsu (世界の秘密 )
10. Tsuki no Yoru (月の夜)
11. Speed (スピード)
12. Pieces of my words ~言の花~


Monday, July 26, 2010

Gackt ~ Ever PV

Ok, First and foremost, I'm a huge fan of Gackt. I'm damn glad that this new single is gonna be released in 2 days. But seriously this video feels like it's either a tribute to the late Michael (you know who) or he just wanna impersonate him indirectly. Heck, even the cover looks like it that way. Nevertheless, this track rocks and I love the new hairstyle.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jyukai BEST ~Stairway to the future~

Well if you're pretty much a big fan of Jyukai, then this is the album for you. A compilation album of the best hitz from her 2 albums. As for hardcore fans, you'll be pissed off from the last two tracks.

01. Anata ga Ita Mori ~ Fate/Stay Night's 1st ending was simply beautiful. Definitely my favorite track of all time by them. 10/10 hands down.

02. Koibito Doushi ~ The 2nd ending for Ah! My Goddess ~ Flights of Fancy is just an okay track for me. 6/ 10

03. Hoshi Akari ~ neutral, slow to progressive power track. Still it doesn't click for me. 5/10

04. Hikari ~ 2nd ending for Fate/Stay Night. This one deserves credit. Slow mellow piano piece to powerful harmonized instrumental works in the making, amplified by Jyukai's voice. The pre-chorus definitely did the trick. 8/10

05. Sakasete wa Ikenai Hana ~ One of the more favorable piece. Unfortunately, the chorus doesn't go for me on this one. 5/10

06. Komoriuta ~ Nice starting point to misused op-mid pre-chorus to a powerful chorus. 7.5/10

07. Himegoto ~ Don't really like this track. 4/10

08. Kojou no Tsuki ~ Not my cup of tea. 5/5

09. Ai no Hoshi ~ The OVA OP for Ah! my Goddess. The starting part doesn't click for me. Once the lyrics pour in, it moved me to the beat a little. Pre-chorus sounds good, then BOOM!!! a pretty cliche' chorus. 6.5 /10

10. Hanamuke no Melody ~ The OVA ED for Ah! my Goddess. Definitely the only track from Ah! my Goddess that I enjoyed till the very end of it. 8.5/10

11. Omoide ni Naru Mae ni ~ This track rocks. Seriously the best for this album. Well, second only to Anata ga Ita Mori. 9/10

12. With… feat. Tainaka Sachi ~ Yet another beautiful track. 8.5/10

13. Anata ga Ita Mori ~the brilliant world~ OMG! this track is seriously sad. Definitely the worst track for the entire album. It is debatable but for me it is just that bad. How could they ruin such a masterpiece aka Anata ga Ita Mori by adding in "brilliant world" which is thus redefined as a new track. Well a wrong usage of musical instruments in my opinion. I rather Anata ga Ita Mori - piano version / guitar version / violin version even. 3/10

14. Hikari ~Kaisou~ Yet another sad arrangement. Still it's a little better than track 13. I have no problem after midway. The starting was terrible. Seriously, they should have arranged this track in either one-way piano version or guitar version. This track has top-notch potential and they went all the way to ruin this thinking it would sound nicer. Doing this in an open environment at night is bad. Annoying sounds made by insects + natural environment does not go with this song. Take Taiyou no uta as reference. Silent atmosphere, pure acoustic recording which results in beautiful sound that leave people like me in awe. Greatly disappointed with the opening. I can only just hear a faint version of the song. Fortunately the mid-end piano arrange sounds great. 4/10


Miz ~ Single's Selection

The 1st single is ain't available for various reasons, sorry!!!

2nd Single:
[Waiting For]

Track Listing:
01 Waiting for
02 Got it
03 Waiting for (music track)
04 Got it (music track)

3rd Single:
[In the Sky]

Track Listing:
01 In The Sky
02 What Difference
03 In The Sky (Remix)
04 In The Sky (music track)

4th Single:
[Backseat Baby]

Track Listing:
01 Backseat Baby
02 Welcome to our party
03 Backseat Baby (music track)
04 Welcome to our party (music track)

5th Single:

Track Listing:
01 Bittersweet
02 Give It All Away
03 Bittersweet (Bionic Rockers Frequency Remix)
04 Bittersweet (Dr.Shingo Remix)

As Mizrock

1st Single:
[Best Friend]
UPCH-89015 (w/dvd)

Track Listing:
01 Best Friend
02 Hello me!
04 Best Friend (instrumental)
05 Hello me! (instrumental)

2nd Single:
[Thank You xxx]
UPCH-89019 (w/dvd)

Track Listing:
01 Thank You xxx
02 I feel
03 Thank You xxx (backing track)
04 I feel (backing track)

3rd Single:
[Pepper Keibu]
UPCH-89028 (w/dvd)

Track Listing:
01 Pepper Keibu
02 U BA Bang! Bang!
03 Pepper Keibu (backing track)
04 U BA Bang! Bang! (backing track)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aozorafantasii Flight

Buy her album, support her. Sher rocks

Track Listing
01. Tabi My Own Road
02. Lonely City
03. Bara No Hana
04. You Don't Know
05. Spell Left Unspoken
06. Sea Of Stars
07. Across The Universe


This is for those who are unclear of how to convert the download. converter

Monday, July 12, 2010

FMA Brotherhood OP's x ED's

July 4th marks the end of the critically acclaimed Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. The ending for the manga is really good, the anime adaptation ending is even better. A real Good Ending, awesome!! The second ending by Miho Fukuhara will always be my favorite since the lyrics give me the impression of what most of us would feel at one point in our lives and truly would like to let it all out.



Friday, July 9, 2010


Ok, I just wanna say I'm a fan of Lisa. Her voice is just amazing. Lifts me up when i'm down and she definitely pulls off most of the major songs. This is one of those albums that I would not mind buying for 1,800 yen or RM 65.27. Her voice kinda reminds me of a cross between Moumoon and Miho Fukuhara.

Artist: aozorafantasii
Title: Flight
Release Date: 2010.06.16 (wed)
Price: 1,800 yen (tax in)

Track List:
01. Journey ~ My Own Road ~
02. I'm Yours
03. Lonely City
04. Roses
05. You Don't Know
06. Spell Left Unspoken
07. Sea of Stars
08. Across the Universe

Sorry, you've gotta support her on this one coz she's still fresh.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

L.o.v.e U

Well looking back, I can't believe this is the first PV of Leah Dizon that I check out on youtube. Catchy, awesome and the best part is the look on the Lecturer's face, WHAT !!  Definitely a priceless expression.