Saturday, July 31, 2010

Black★Rock Shooter OVA

Black Rock Shooter, is it worth it? Some may like it and some may not. Well from my POV I personally find it seemingly sad. A few reasons that I would like to state out. The animation quality is very much above decent. (++ attributes) Battle scenes between BRS and Dead Master turns out to be better than expected. The audio presentation was just okay. The Plot is really just plain confusing for me to comprehend on the exact moment of occurrence of each relevant sequence. Those who do not have the slightest knowledge of Black Rock Shooter (first timers) would be pondering on for the next 52 minutes of why there's sudden battles throughout the whole OVA as well as characters with uncanny resemblance in between worlds. Heck, even Inception which most people view as mindf**king is much more detailed and direct.

This is one of those series that you just have to watch till the end in order to get an exact definition of what the true nature of this story is about, plot twist as well as relevance of the entire story that come into mind. Note ~ This is not a dream within a dream. For me, the storyline is pure generic. How the character development as well as progression in some point would be understandable since we all went through the exact same process. Even the climax is obvious to the viewer. The ending did not leave me appalled but a closure to what I was contemplating for the last 45 minutes. First Impression ratings ~ 6/10

On the other hand, the deliverance of this OVA is viewed-wise straightforward. Right to the action. Everything else is just petty indirect significance of telling the story as it goes that finally does make sense towards the end. The BGM was simply beautiful. Even the piano arrangement left me a little moment of sympathy. Shape-shifting weapons, chains, summoned familars and black white checkered floor tiles works great for me. Background layout as well as objects illusive to the naked eye is a visual plus factor. An amazing, almost teary scene with impact BGM that brings out the emotion within. What seriously lacks in this OVA is a brief yet direct intro to it. Heck even a 3 liner would do lol. "What am I seeking for?" "What do I really desire?" "Friends?" Well, those are my thoughts. Second Impression ratings ~ 8.5/10 Hope to hear of Eps 2 soon.

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