Friday, July 30, 2010

Gackt ~ Ever Single

"Ever" is Japanese recording artist Gackt's thirty-eighth single, released on July 28, 2010. Will contain two songs, "Ever" being the theme song for the multiplayer online role-playing game Dragon Nest. Impressions ~ well, the first track technically did the trick with fast drumbeats powered by Gackt's awesome voice. OMG I really dislike the second track. Not a huge fan of techno + plus I can't hear much of Gackt's true voice in it just so it seems that the whole track was in the realm of distortion.

1. "EVER"
2. "Uncontrol Kyoki Ranbu edition" (UNCONTROL ♂狂喜乱舞edition♂)
3. "EVER (Instrumental)"
4. "Uncontrol Kyoki Ranbu edition" (UNCONTROL ♂狂喜乱舞edition♂)


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