Sunday, August 1, 2010

Broken Blade OVA

Broken Blade pronounced Break Blade in Japan. One of those OVA's that I find pretty entertaining throughout. Reasons? Well first off, there is a simple yet solid intro that is essential for the next five parts of this amazing OVA

1) Un-sorcerer ~ Someone who cannot use magic (can't manipulate Quartz)
2) Kingdom of Krisna is at war with the Commonwealth of Athens

Mech fights compile of mid to fast battle scenes in either range or close quarter combat. The mech designs seem to be basic but heck I ain't complaining. I am pretty much satisfied by the overall presentation of this OVA which stays exceptionally true to the Manga. Expected character developments delivered during predicaments manifested by the power of will, determination and desire. The extremely gorgeous landscape sceneries are eye candy for viewing pleasure. The notable theme songs give life to this remarkable OVA. The OP has already proven to be a huge impact that rivals even Gundam Unicorn's. Enlisting Kokia to do the opening is a brilliant decision. A resplendent, harmonized track that coincide perfectly into this OVA. Even the  ending theme by Faylan has that reminiscence loose intro of Symphony of the Night. Production I.G has done it again, delivering such a magnificent collection crafted into their winning masterpiece. The only 2 problems I have with this OVA are unrealistically big breasted 12 year olds ( can't complain since the illustrator and creator thinks it would be awesome, should have made her 16 instead) and bullets that shoot out like paint balls that does penetrate armor. First impression ratings ~ 9/10

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