Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gundam Rock !!!!

1) TV Series Opening Narration (TVシリーズ [オープニング・ナレーション] TV Shirīzu [Ōpuningu Narēshon]?)
2) Gundam on the Earth (ガンダム大地に立つ Gandamu Daichi ni Tatsu?)
3) Fly, Gundam (翔べ!ガンダム Tobe! Gandamu?)
4) Char the Great (颯爽たるシャア Sassōtaru Shaa?)
5) Here Comes Char (シャアが来る Shaa ga Kuru?)
6) Star Children (スターチルドレン Sutā Chirudoren?)
7) The Cross of Sand (砂の十字架 Suna no Jūjika?)
8) Eye Catch (アイキャッチ Ai Kyatchi?)
9) Soldiers of Sorrow (哀 戦士 Ai Senshi?)
10) Peace for a Moment (ひとときの安らぎ Hitotoki no Yasuragi?)
11) Alone in the Wind (風にひとりで Kaze ni Hitori de?)
12) Beginning (ビギニング Biginingu?)
13) Fear to Fight (戦いへの恐怖 Tatakai e no Kyōfu?)
14) Encounter (めぐりあい Meguriai?)
15) Amuro Forever (永遠にアムロ Eien ni Amuro?)
16) Garma Zabi's Funeral Speech by Gihren Zabi (ギレン・ザビ [ガルマ・ザビ追悼演説] Giren Zabi [Garuma Zabi Tsuitō Enzetsu]?)

Gundam Rock? Gundam Rock>? Yup Gundam Rock. The Op narration is seemingly superb. This guy should seriously have a dub role in one of the Gundam Series. Anyway, if you love what stays true to the Original, then this is the perfect album for you. Why? well most of the songs are indeed remastered in a sense yet stays true to the legacy. For songs that date back 3 Decades, it sounds not bad. But if you're a mainstream guy, then this isn't for you. Oh yeah Char Aznable FTW!!!


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