Saturday, August 21, 2010

Harmony of Despair

Castlevania, a game with a lineage of around 2 decades, spawning various titles. Now comes Harmony of Despair. A title for the X-Box 360. Well I'll just state the pros and cons from my POV.

1) Co-op (up to six players)
2) Recurring characters from previous titles
3) Alucard is in it
4) Survival mode
5) Innovative presentation of menu screen in a book art style
6) Tons of weapons and gears
7) Zoom in/out map
8) Elements present from Symphony of the Night
9) Lots and lots of recurring monsters/ bossess
10) Beautiful illustrations for each character with similarities by renown concept artist Ayami Kojima (She totally rocks!!!)

1) No storyline (Come on, a Castlevania title with no plot is uber weak)
2) Where the hell did the other supporting characters go? Lecarde, Maxim and Nathan rocks
3) No Trevor, No Richter, No Simon, Not even Juste
4) I want Albus, a gunner
5) The new map really opposes the Original. Brilliant yet confusing, is still in real-time (can't blame due co-op)
6) Same boss from previous titles (no new look)

Well, at least the pros outweigh the cons. One problem I have with this is the lack in plot / storyline, I'm a huge fan of the Castlevania series and no doubt wouldn't mind if it was another cliche story. You're a Vampire Hunter trying save a princess / damsel in distress / best friend from the evil clutches of dracula. Not a cursed book that brings the characters to life and you need to fight your way through hordes of monsters just to end the curse lol. Limit in-games characters also gave me a let-down. I wanna play Richter coz he's like the fastest. Hopefully there will be downloadable characters in the future. (strongly hinted from various source) Other than that, I have no problem with the game (oh yeah, then there's the new map thats so doesn't give me the classic feel at all). The illustrations are 2 thumbs ++ for me, especially Charlotte's new look. Finally, she's not anime-ish, but a real piece of art. A nice addition to the franchise but it still is far off from a good title for hardcore fans.

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