Sunday, September 12, 2010

Broken Blade 02

The second movie / OVA with stunning visuals that does stay true to the manga. Read the manga and watch this. It's definitely staying true to the original. Also Quality retains ( OVA duh, either the quality maintains or gets better) Oh yeah, a huge improvement comes from the battle between Rygart and Lee. Some parts from the manga drawn gave me a headache which took me awhile trying to figure how the battle goes. It all comes down crystal clear lol. Anyway, the sound quality, landscape, characters are all superb needless to say. Character development, tone and expressions are clear and concise. Well I have only the rush end process as a problem. Can't blame them to cut out some dialogs due to time production and cost haha. Nevertheless, nicely down. First impressions ~ 9/10.

LQ ~ Download
HQ ~ Download

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