Sunday, September 5, 2010


Well a friend of mine introduced me to this band a few days ago. I know it's old news but this band rocks. Despite it's popularity via YouTube views going as far as 2 mil, I still feel that this band is pretty underrated based on the sales. Nevertheless, their music style suits my taste, so a thousand Thumbs up to them lol.

01 花になれ  ※au「LISMO」CMソング
02 春風
03 Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ ※TBSドラマ「ブラッディ・マンデイ」主題歌
04 388859
05 Hello
06 labo ※TBS系「CDTV」8月度エンディングテーマ
08 未来
09 花になれ(Instrumental)
10 Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Instrumental)

The first debut mini-album Unreal is really unreal (just check out the cover which I cannot post up due to offensive description regarded by some people) Well the second track is my favorite overall. The rest are decent


01 Calling
02 星に願いを
03 見つめていたい 
04 MW~Dear Mr.& Ms.ピカレスク~ 
05 僕は偶然を待っているらしい
06 回転木馬(メリーゴーランド)
07 車窓
08 Hills
09 夏Dive
10 LOVE 2010
11 Quville
12 最後のページ
13 今年の桜
14 タイムカプセル
15 サイレン
16 フレイム(Album Version) 

The second album which is a full fledged one. Apparently this album has gone down as the longest recording on a CD in history, with 79 minutes and 58 seconds, 2 seconds under the maximum a CD can contain. How cool is that. I personally like this album better as the the progressive stance has much more power in each track.


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