Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gundam Seed Complete Best

Dug this out from an old stash. Just feel like I wanna share this. Fans would be delighted with the all in ones of both OP and ED. But that's not the main focus. Remix tracks from track 9 onwards are the true bonuses for this album.

Track Listings
1. INVOKE/ T.M.Revolution
2. Annani Isshodattanoni/ See-Saw
3. moment/ Vivian or Kazuma
4. Believe/ Nami Tamaki
5. RIVER/ Tatsuya Ishii
6. Realize/ Nami Tamaki
7. FIND THE WAY/ Mika Nakashima
8. Meteor/ T.M.Revolution
9. INVOKE (phase shift armoured version)/ T.M.Revolution
10. moment(B4 ZA BEAT REMIX)/ Vivian or Kazuma
11. Believe - FREEDOM G CONTROL MIX/ Nami Tamaki
12. RIVER - REMIX/ Tatsuya Ishii
13. Realize - EVERLASTING MIX/ Nami Tamaki


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