Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reasons Why Lightning is Better

Well it's lightning and check out what they said about her from the wikia lol

—Every other main character, except Terra and Vaan.

"Thank you Crystal Tools! (Gets shot repeatedly) YOU DIDN'T DO IT TO THE OTHER GUYS!"
—Terra and Vaan.
"That's it, old man! I'm taking over."
"Oh yeah? I've been maimed, hit with magic, abused, and dealt with stuff that makes Abu Ghraib look like the four seasons in my pursuit, and I am STILL HERE!!! You know not the forces you deal with young man!"
—Galuf drunk on nonexistent, fleeting power. Most of which is probably brought on by Viagra.
" asked for it...I survived THE END OF THE WORLD by a popular villain. Oh, yeah. HEY EXDEATH! That guy over here did it with the guardian tree!"
—Edgar, still trying to outdo Galuf.
—Lightning, having no idea what Edgar and Galuf are up to.

Her game hasn't even been released yet, and she already looks awesome.
Cool name.
Awesome powers.
Cool hair.
She's a female character, so, like Terra, she's got to kick ass.
She is the female equivalent to Cloud, specified by Nomura himself.
Look at her! If you're that hot and not cool, it would be a crime. It almost is a crime anyway.
Cool sword/gun.
She shoots enemies...upside down! Doesn't even bother if her undies are showing.
Thanks to her FF7 fanboys can masturbate to Cloud without feeling gay.
Lightning is the better ice queen than either Quistis or Lulu. Or Paine for that matter!
Lightning can switch from a gun to a blade, unlike some others...
Her goal is to DESTROY the world that makes her BA
Cloud and Yuna once had sex without anyone looking. Lightning was the result.
Where's the line at people!?
She's hot & the rest are not.
She can fuse with Odin. Can other heroes fuse with Odin? I think not!
Pink Hair is cool!
She has the guts to put some ice dude in his place!
She can control gravity.
She shares a seiyuu with Aerith.
Unlike certain other heroes, she actually lightens up and smiles.
Because of her l'Cie powers, she can make the impossible possible! 'Nuff said, folks!

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