Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reasons Why the Warrior of Light is better

Well, got this from the wikia and I really laughed, gonna add a few more soon.

—Warrior of Light, truer words have never been spoken.
—Crono expressing his approval of Warrior of Light
—Serge (Chrono Cross) doing the same thing
—Link, doing the same thing
—Mario, doing the same thing
—Neukhia, doing the same thing
—Every main character of Dragon Quest, doing the same thing
—Every Shin Megami Tensei protagonist, doing the same thing (minus for the DS one)

Just look at his armor!
He was the first, therefor not the last, and if being the first is not being last, then not being last to be first is good.
He defeated Garland, anyone who can do that is deserving of being the best.
He fights Sephiroth in Dissidia.
His real name means "The-best-Badass-that-can-kick-every-hero's-asses-in-wearing-awesome-armors" In the native language of Xprgf, and only the badass knows his real name.
Do you know his real name?
He can change his armors color and look even more badass.
look at those sexy horns.
He leads the rest of the heroes in Dissidia. Even Cloud and Squall. That alone signifies his role as most awesome.
He killed Link and Erdrick, two of the greatest swordsmen ever. Please, that tombstone in Elfheim wasn't just there for random references.
Let's hope it was the CD-i Link he killed...
He called Squall out on being an emo douche.
Once he class changed to Knight(which was the REAL first Paladin) he could pwn everything.
He is the only hero with enough sense to wield a shield into battle.
He beat Garland. Nuff said.
Oh and Chaos too. but still he beat Garland.
He also pitied Garland and wanted to save him from his fate of endless battle. Now that's just a nice guy.
If you ain't first, you're last!
Destiny ends here!

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