Sunday, September 12, 2010

Satou Hiromi – Kowarekake no Orgol

こわれかけのオルゴール 初回特別鑑賞券 特典CD / Kowarekake no Orgol by Satou Hiromi. I've seriously waited long enough for this. The popular, catchy and really meaningful theme song from the anime OVA of the same name. If you didn't watch the OVA before, you're definitely missing out. One of the best One-shot Anime series in my opinion. The theme song makes it much more worthwhile to watch it through. I'm happy I got to listen to this song in full version. Sadly, this CD contains only 4 alternate tracks of the same song. Well I do understand since this single was made for the OVA. Just check out Chrome Shelled Regios ED Single CD and you'll know what I mean.

01. Kowarekake no Orgol
02. Kowarekake no Orgol -Short ver.-
03. Kowarekake no Orgol (Instrumental)
04. Kowarekake no Orgol -Short ver.- (Instrumental)


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