Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love in Disguise

Wow!! took me like forever just to find this movie. Never had the chance to watch it in the Cinemas. Couple seats lol, sad. Anyway, this movie is pretty much cliché in a sense. A Super Famous pop star portrayed by Alexander Wang Lee Hom who fell in love with a guzheng soloist portrayed by Crystal Liu Yi Fei. Disguised as a regular joe from some province in China, he infiltrated the institution to get closer to her.

The plot is really cliché. Predictable till the very end. Nevertheless, most of the elements and scenarios are nicely attached to make it work down smoothly. From the music point, it's really surreal with magnificent visual imagery arts of calligraphy that blends in pretty well. The theme song is pretty heart warming. Chink-out is used as the basis for most parts of Lee Hom's performance in which he is pretty much renowned for. There's even Fang Da Tong who made a cameo and later on performed in the movie.

Some of the conversations are pretty much boring. Some parts are unclear based on the intonation. Fortunately, the comedy sense compensates for that. Overall, it's a nice movie to watch with your love ones. Trust me, even though this movie is like 98 minutes long, it takes forever just to get through it lol.

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