Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unlimited Blade Works ~ Impressions

Unlimited Blade Works. Before the release, no one made a big fuss about it. EVA 1.11 and EVA 2.22 gain so much popularity due to the original movie that closes with a freaking horrific ending that caused so many fans to send hate mails to the creator only to make him do a remake that spawns hope to the hearts of die hard and new fans. OK, enough about that. Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. A few notes taken and will be stated below.

1) If you have not watched Fate/Stay Night TV Anime, watch it first. You will be very very blur if you have not watched the TV series. Well most of you will be screaming, damn the plot is uber confusing. It's too fast paced, the ending doesn't make sense. WTF? So fast, ranting on and on till it ends.

2) This is not a continuation from the end of the TV anime, nor a retold story (Watch TV reproduction of Fate/Stay Night) and you'll know what I mean. This is the Unlimited Blade Works Route, one of the 3 routes you can choose from the original game. The TV anime's plot is based upon the first route. If you want to further understand the story, play the game. Oh yeah it's a visual novel game with H elements (play at your own risk).

Now then, the back to the main discussion. I'm telling this from the perspective of a guy who did played the game and watched the TV series. So, my views may be either similar or pretty much different. The game starts off with one of the most notable chants from Fate/Stay Night, probably the most famous chant ever lol.

血潮は鉄で 心は硝子。
彼の者は常に独り 剣の丘で勝利に酔う。

"I am the bone of my sword.

Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.

I have created over a thousand blades.

Unknown to death.

Nor known to life.

Have withstood pain to create many weapons.

Yet, those hands will never hold anything.

So as I pray, 'Unlimited Blade Works'."

A solid intro with beautiful words. Fans would describe it appropriate, suitable, nicely done. First timers would say WTH is this? I say it's just right to start this off which does represent what the title suggest. You don't need any flashy intro with people narrating (Kotomine perhaps). Those words alone carry a heavy meaning behind. Anyone who has played the game would understand and connect to the emotions running through Archer when he uttered those famous lines from the chant.

Those who did watched the anime would see notable differences. The expressions are more genuine and each character's action are pretty much redefined. Normal actions such as walking and running are refurnished. Some actions are input with 3D cell shade.

The good part starts off with the Lancer X Archer dual. The battle sequence are better off with additional fight scenes and combos in between. The narrator aka (Kotomine) narrates about the The Holy Grail, the battle between 7 servants and masters and the ultimate prize in the end. First timers would be screaming WTF, that lancer dude just thrust the shiro guy and he's alive? Most of the sequences are key elements from the game and anime. Yes, it's pretty fast paced. The movie throughout depicts the decisions made to get towards the true ending of the game. The different decisions made will result in a different route. Thus this leads to Archer's decision that varies from the original main storyline due to the decision you make during the start. The movie fore-shows this very fact.

It saddens me to see Saber in less action. Then again it compensates with Rin showing more Tsundere expressions, epic battles with the best of the best, Lancer's great character, Shiro's just that good for a human and Archer still rocks even if he was the Antagonist.

1) The whole plot stays true to the Original. Good decisions made in order to get True Ending,

2) Battle sequences remastered, more After image present.

3) Berserker uses his trademark finisher (Thumbs up)

4) Gilgamesh is more active, Gates of babylon rules and Enkidu utilized

5) Gilgamesh is in casual attire.

6) Shiro is the real deal here. He seriously proves himself very capable for a human lol.

7) Archer and Shiro has high durability due to Avalon

8) The final battle is drop dead epic

9) Lancer is the man ~ Seriously, he is the man.

10) Excalibur pawns all

1) Really does stay true. No surprises if you have played the game.

2) Less Saber

3) Enuma Elish didnt even get screen time

4) Caster's love is unrequited yet again

5) Rider dies just like that

6) I'm not a huge fan of cell shaded swords, so yeah sue me lol.

7) Illyasviel von Einzbern gets a real gruesome death

8) Berserker gets defeated that easily WTF

9) Matou Shinji is alive

10) The mana transfer scene

Blood and Gore elements are definitely input into this, honed with the amount of detailedness in some respective scenes. Dislikes are obvious but inevitable since all key events must occur in order to reach the true ending (esp no 7 from dislike). The mana transfer was really sad since I expected the same thing from the game haha. Sadly this scene was altered to suit the audience. Enuma Elish didnt even get screen time lol. Sad, yet inevitable. Another disappointment.

It is noted that Archer did not die from Gates of Babylon while defending Shriou. This can be backed by the high durability he and Shirou possesses due to AVALON implanted in them. Since Archer is technically the future Shirou and Shirou did not return AVALON to Saber, this explains the high endurance of both characters in battle. Also this can thus conclude why Archer was defeated by Berserker in the TV anime. Since returning Avalon (Arthur's lost scabbard) results in Archer's endurance level reverting back to normal. Luck also plays a part and Archer does have poor luck. It is also to be noted that Unlimited Blade Works or UBW for short acts as the ultimate counter measure on Gilgamesh.

Shirou had a hard time fighting Gilgamesh a servant in reality. But once he summons the reality marble aka UBW, all penalties on Shirou are lifted. The cost for creating the weapons is greatly diminished and the speed at which they can be created is also increased. Moreover, Gates of Babylon has a slower summoning rate thus alowing Shirou an advantage to close in close combat to fight Gilgamesh thus defeating him (consumed by the holy grail) using Excalibur and finally Kansho x Bakuya with the decided blow to the right arm of Gilgamesh who did not managed to use Enuma Elish. Also the ending is noteworthy as the True ending of the game where Saber returns yet again and Archer departs, leaving a warm smile to Rin. Archer also uses a huge variety of arsenals at his disposal including Rho Aias, Caladbolg II, Hrunting and even Gates of Babylon (Fake). I must say I did enjoy the movie throughout except for the fight between Saber and Assassin. The fight scene from the TV Anime was indeed much better. The ending theme is quite decent. First Impressions ~ 9.6 / 10. A truly must watch for Fans of Fate/Stay Night.



  1. I agree with you for the most part. However, I REALLY disliked the fight between Archer and Lancer; namely, the clash between Rho Aius and Gae Bolg. It seemed so epic in the game, but in the movie it was just so-so.

  2. Well, at least its still delivers. Thats the good point. Hope they consider making heaven's feel.