Friday, November 5, 2010

Gundam Unicorn 02 ~ The return of Char

Well, if you got blown away by the first eps. Wait till you watch eps 2, it's pure freakin awesome. The opening starts off where the last eps concludes. Right to the action, just the way I like it. RX-0 engaging Kshatriya. Nice sequential battle scenes. The story has  given a more in-depth look on the current situation. Audrey aka Minerva Zabi still contemplates on what it is she truly wants. Banagre is still lovestruk for Audrey, Oh oh, the superb appearance and entrance by Sinanju piloted by none other than Fullfrontal and the rest you just need to watch for yourself to find out. The most amazing thing for the whole OVA is a piece of paper. Trust me, it's a bloody piece of paper. Stunning visuals and background as usual (OVA duh, 6 months watdaya expect) Music fits in perfectly in much more mellow times and conversations that sometimes are subtle for the credulous person. The theme song / Ending theme is kinda poppish I guess, but definitely reminded me of Beautiful world from Evangelion that fits suprisingly well into the Movie. First impressions ~ 9.5 out of ten

Spoilers ahead

I warned you

I'm serious haha

Not joking

You heard me.



SPOILERS, You happy now?

Yo it's Sinanju

Remember, not 1x, not 2x but 3x

I'm Full Frontal and not Char okay. Here i come, prepare yourself.

one shot is all i need

OMG!!! F**k, it's its's Char Azanable

You know you can't defeat me now do ya? Or not.

Eat my lasers lol

My daddy kicked your daddy's ass, I'll just do it again lol

Look, Flash vs Superman in terms of speed

Beautiful, simply beautiful. Too bad it's all fake.

I have skills, looks and beautiful blue eyes so sue me haha

This has got to be coolest thing ever, trust me on this one

Nuuuuuuuuu Audrey I Love You. I'm sorry Audrey.

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