Saturday, December 25, 2010

Warhammer 40K ~ Ultramarines the Movie

Maybe I was just expecting a little too much out of this, but heck it's an awesome movie worth watching. The presentation is spectacular and well sequenced even though it's just 70 minutes. This climax of the movie was indeed unexpected which caught me off guard and I'm deeply impressed with it. The thing that annoys me a little is the slow to action part which is pretty slow indeed. An overall 8/10 for me.

Story and Spoiler (Warning)
Captain Severus of the Ultramarines Chapter receives a distress signal on the planet of Mithron. Leaving the bulk of his company on Algol, Severus sets off for Mithron with only a ten-man squad for support. On the tough and unforgiving surface of Mithron, Ultima Squad discovers that a terrible battle has taken place. The planet's Imperial shrine has been desecrated, and vile evils unleashed. As unseen dangers close in around them, the recruits have to mount a tense and deadly insertion to find any surviving Imperial Fists, and the reason behind the distress beacon.

Well to describe the Ultramarines, they are tough indeed and yet somewhat delicate in between. The reason probably lies on the lack of experience of the new Ultima squad. "Close in, No more drills, no more practice, you are all about to receive the honor of going into combat for the first time as Ultramarines" So not bad for their first battle. I'm quite new to this and I have only played the games so far. The battle on Mithron against the traitor legion, Chaos Space Marines Black Legion is epic.

I was almost convinced that Brother Proteus was tainted by the power of Chaos from the start based on his intonation from the practice against the Veteran Hero, Captain Severus. It is important to obey the Captain's orders. One small mistake of not holding the line and letting emotions run through results in death (Boreas). Ultramarines are not immortals, they can still die. Maybe I expected too much from the perspective that the hero never dies. I was totally dumbfounded that Captain Severus is actually the Daemon Prince Dhar'leth in disguise and using the Chaplain and Brother Niddon as a means of bait was ingenious.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Re: Birth

Only two tracks but it's so worth it. Well for the fact that the first track is indeed the famed opening for Another Century Episode R.

1) Re:birth
2) ふられ気分で Rock'n'Roll (Furare kibun de Rock'n'Roll, Feeling Rejected, Rock'n'Roll) (Tom Cat cover, 1984)


Here's a little bonus I guess

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Valkyria Chronicles III OP

Well I couldn't believe it sounds just like May'n singing this right. So it had to be her. Another PSP game to look forward to.

Squad 442 (The Nameless)a Gallian penal military unit compose of military offenders, deserters and criminals who are assigned with the most dangerous missions and "dirty work" of the Gallian military.

The highlight of the 3 characters from Squad 442:

07) Kurt Irving (クルト・アーヴィング Kuruto Āvingu?)
Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura
Kurt is the protagonist of Valkyria Chronicles III. Also known as "Number 7", Kurt is a former army officer who was accused for treason before being transferred to The Nameless. Kurt hopes to clear his name return to the regular military forces by leading The Nameless. The first time I saw this dude I thought he was staring in a H anime series lol. Finally, the main protaganist who needs to choose between two girls like classic Macross plot. Gunther with better hair I guess?

01) Imca (イムカ Imuka?)
Voiced by: Masumi Asano
Imca, also known as "Ace Number 1", is a Darcsen Heavy Weapon specialist whose village was destroyed by the Valkyria. She joins The Nameless to seek revenge against the Valkyria responsible. She has a difficult relationship with Riela due to the latter's heritage. Finally, a Feisty version of Isara Gunther.

013) Riela Marceris (リエラ・マルセリス Riera Maruserisu?)
Voiced by: Aya Endō
Riela, also known as "Number 13", is a young woman who initially does not know that she is a descendant of the Valkyria. During her time in the regular army, Riela became infamous as the lone survivor of many wiped-out army squadrons and is now viewed as a jinx on whatever unit she is assigned to. She seriously looks like a cross between Alicia, Rosie and Selvaria. I wanna see her go one on one with Selvaria haha.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back 2 Back ~ Mamoritai White Wishes

Yes I know what you're thinking, this is old and why bother. Well this series kinda grow on me and I love the theme song ~ Mamoritai White Wishes by the one and only Sweet Sweet BOA Kwon. Enjoy.

1. "Mamoritai (White Wishes)"
2. "The End Soshite And..."
3. "Mamoritai (White Wishes) (Instrumental)"
4. "The End Soshite And... (Instrumental)"


Tales of Graces Version ~Tracklist~
1. "Mamoritai (White Wishes)"
2. "Mamoritai (White Wishes) (Tales of Graces Version)"
3. "Mamoritai (White Wishes) (English Version)"
4. "Mamoritai (White Wishes) (Instrumental)"
5. "Best Hit Mega Blend"


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Miku no Hi Kanshasai 39's Giving Day Project DIVA presents Miku Hatsune Solo Concert ~Konbanha, Miku Hatsune desu.~

Trust me, it's one of a kind and definitely one of the best Miku Albums. Reason is simple, coz it's LIVE damnit, simple as that and awesome to listen to, Especially Alice. Enjoy.

Disc 1
01 - ハジメテノオト [Live]
02 - Project Diva desu. [Live]
03 - ワールドイズマイン [Live]
04 - えれくとりっく・えんじぇぅ [Live]
05 - サウンド [Live]
06 - 恋スルVOC@LOID [Live]
07 - Dear cocoa girls [Live]
08 - StargazeR [Live]
09 - The secret garden [Live]
10 - メドレー ~きがえちゃって~ [Live]
11 - ロミオとシンデレラ [Live]
12 - Dear [Live]
13 - メドレー ~いっちゃって~ [Live]

Disc 2
01 - . 星屑ユートピア [Live]
02 - ダブルラリアット [Live]
03 - Just Be Friends [Live]
04 - magnet [Live]
05 - Alice [Live]
06 - あなたの歌姫 [Live]
07 - moon [Live]
08 - 初音ミクの消失 [Live]
09 - 炉心融解 [Live]
10 - ココロ [Live]
11 - 右肩の蝶 [Live]
12 - Promise [Live]
13 - from Y to Y [Live]
14 - サイハテ [Live]
15 - ストロボナイツ [Live]
16 - SPiCa [Live]
17 - 愛言葉 [Live]
18 - メルト [Live]


Miku LIVE Selection

First off, I got to say that I'm ubershock how popular Miku is. Who knows, in another half a century onwards, she might be the very epitome of Japanese music of what it is today.

Alice, one of the most beautiful and surreal experience for me. Remarkably the audience felt the same and went off of screaming the moment the melody plays. I would love to see Choucho or Supercell's Nagi performing this masterpiece live. Credits to Furukawa-P for creating such a serene piece of music.

From Y to Y definitely is one of my favorite Miku songs, simply amazing needless to say.

The world is Mine, yup the world is definitely going to be Miku's in years to come