Saturday, July 23, 2011


One OK Rock's latest single delivers a high dose of heavy rock. 2nd track "No Scared" is the opening theme for Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

01. Re:make 
03. Rock, Scissors, Paper


The 30 second PV- preview

Black Rock Shooter: The Game OP

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Choucho ~ Crystal Note

Choucho's latest mini album entitled "Crystal Note"really displays some vibe to it. It may not be her best work yet but this mini album does exhibit some nice tunes empowered by Choucho's magnificent voice. Now if only there was a collaboration with Supercell, it would be super sweet indeed.

01. Silence
02. エンプティBOX
03. Bitter & Sweet
04. In the Garden
05. かえりみち


Facts about Choucho

Choucho is a part of the Asamakku family with Asamaru and Jack (and Tourai, Keisen, etc.). She has a powerful voice that can reach both extremely low and high notes. One of the reasons I like her covers a lot is because she sings the words clearly.

Before being a part of Asamakku family, Choucho also performs with an amateur band named Lotus Lotus. When she started recording songs, they weren't mixed very well. Thanks to Asamaru, her songs are always professional-sounding :3. She currently is an exchange student in Canada, but she comes home from time to time to attend live events and collaborate with other musicians such as [TEST].

The info here are taken from Choucho's blog and profile pages.

Birthday: June 21 (Gemini)
Blood type: A
Born in: Chiba
Height: 168 cm
Shoe size: 23.5 cm
Hand grip: can do 40kg when I was in archery club in high school
Favorite expressions: "I'm so tired." "I'm so sleepy." and "I'm so hungry."
Personality: doing things at my own pace, quick-tempered, hates losing
an S or an M? S
Qualifications: driver's license, although in name only (because I can drive the car into the garage), teaching license although I never used it

What do you like in guys? I have glasses, fingers and voice fetishes. I like guys who are intellectual and a gentleman.
What do you like in girls? I like girls who are obedient, strong-hearted, honest and looks like a foreigner.

Favorite performers: The Beatles, Alanis Morisette, OASIS, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Bjork, The Cardigans, Within Temptation, Muse, Kanno Yoko, Sakamoto Maaya, Origa, Uematsu Nobuo, Core of Soul, Amano Tsukiko
Favorite food: (sweets with) whipped cream, macaroons
Disliked food: spicy ones and entrails
Favorite drinks: water, tea, Mimoza and Kir (sake)
Disliked drinks: carbonated ones
Favorite subject: music (singing) and art (painting)
Disliked subject: politics and economics
Favorite film: Not a movie person but "Umi ni Ue na Pianist" was good
Favorite book: Yamada Eimi's works, particularly "Choucho no Tensoku" which is my most favorite book
Favorite sport: archery
Favorite music: Western rock especially by the Beatles and Alanis, ambient and symphonic metal
Favorite brands: For clothes I like Marc Jacobs, Jill Stuart, Banner Barrett. For small articles I like Ana Sui and Miumiu
Favorite perfume: Stella McCartney rose scent
Favorite flower: pink or white roses
Favorite game: Katamari Damacy
Favorite animal: cats, bunnies, French bulldogs
Favorite thing to do when on a holiday: window shopping, recording at home, visiting grandpa
Most respected person: John Lennon, I like him so much!
If you could wish for one thing: I'd wish for lots of Miffy goods
Place you want to go the most: Utrecht in The Netherlands, because it's where Miffy was born. LOL I'm so Miffy-obsessed
If you're born again: I'd be a cat and sleep a lot

Choucho says...
• she likes Western music and Vocaloid/anime songs
• she gets sleepy and hungry easily
• she likes collecting butterfly stuff or Miffy products
• she likes pink, almost all of her wallets and accessories, even her camera, are pink.
• she likes one-piece dresses
• she likes taking strolls
• she is bad at cooking