Monday, October 17, 2011

Save wildlife, report crimes to the Wildlife Crime Hotline!

Save wildlife, report crimes to the Wildlife Crime Hotline!: You’re on a leisurely day out, strolling along a street in Malaysia... Suddenly – “Hallo, nak beli gigi harimau? Kuku harimau? Kalau pakai banyak ‘ong’!”
You’re stunned for a moment… people are still killing our wild tigers just because of superstitious beliefs? What can you do to stop this?
Call the 24-hour Wildlife Crime Hotline* 019 356 4194 and help the authorities put tiger traders behind bars! Reports are instantly channelled to them for action!
The tiger in the above scenario could very possibly be replaced by tortoises, pangolins, bears, leopards, orang utans and more, but the number to call is the same.
Imagine thousands, or even millions of Malaysians keeping their eyes out for illegal activities, whether in markets, pet shops, restaurants, or even on the internet!! Where will all the baddies hide?
Under the new Wildlife Conservation Act 2010, criminals face much higher penalties, for example convicted tiger poachers / traders / consumers will be fined minimum RM100,000 and jailed up to five years.
*The hotline is only applicable in Peninsular Malaysia.
What information is needed?**

What crime took place? (poaching, smuggling, selling, keeping as a pet)
Where did it happen? (address, shop name, landmarks)
When did it take place? (date & time)

**Images or video footage may assist investigations
It's time to be on the prowl for wildlife traders!

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